Abraham: The LAW OF ATTRACTION – Part 3 of 5 – Esther & Jerry Hicks

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Abraham, Source Energy interpreted by Esther Hicks, delivers a 5-part introduction to their teachings on The Law of Attraction at a February, 2008 Abraham-Hi…


Faridah Sabree says:

WOW! I love what they said at the end. That was beautiful.

Jazen Valencia says:

I use the law of attraction everyday. It works.

Gabrielle Dee says:

I love this woman

lookslikeadancer says:


chemo38 says:

Spectacular content…I will FOCUS on alignment and choose the thought that
makes ME HAPPY!!!

Sar Maroof says:

Practicing and testing the law of attraction is the best way to judge it
whether it works or not!

MidnightWolfRain says:


Wayshower1982 says:

I choose love. I choose harmony I choose abundance I choose happiness I
choose prosperity I choose to be in alignment with my True Self. Love ya

marinatrump says:

It’s interesting to me, today is the 3rd day I am watching Easther talking
and I’m getting used/adapted to it so now I can understand and catch more
then at the 1st day ! Today I’m completely concentrated and it’s easier to
imagine my life examples while she is speaking so fast!! it’s so cool when
you start getting it! love it 😀

rural1 says:

i was wondering if u have a book in spanish i want to show my mexican

MegaBonzo1 says:

love the way the law is explained true inspiration! light and love!

Ethaniel82 says:

“we just want you to close the gap in a pre-croaking environment” brilliant

AbrahamHicks says:

SensesFailx61: The song is “If you Want It (You Can Have It)” by Francine
Jarry, and is on the CD entitled “Joy, Joy, Joy”, available through our
Abraham-Hicks website.

Mlopez697 says:

Yeah who wants to croak to be happy! I love it.

Spijon84 says:

Just simpy never lets my energy be affected by it again. So I stay on my
wave of happiness and feeling well, and lets the day continue! 🙂 I have,
since i figured this out, not had one bad day, and thats like a year ago.
I´m 28 now. The only thing that you need to remember is that everything
above feeling natural is in the scale of feeling good. Which makes the days
still interesting. 🙂

WhiteLionessMedicine says:

Thank You for sharing this Delightful tape. My Soul needed to really hear
this. Thank You

dane jurasley says:

Thank you Ester, you helped me live for the first time.

lief olsen says:

“today a young man on acid realized all matter is mearly energy condenced
to a slow vibration, there is no such thing as death, life is but a dream
and we are the imagination of ourselves” — Bill Hicks

merakli07 says:

SIMPLY ASTOUNDING! Those are kind of how I always felt!.

batman66ism says:

THANK YOU SO MUCH HICKS small things are showing up like I found 15 buck
behind my house yesterday Im aiming for the big one just trying to let got
of the process and release int

Mercyhm3 says:

Thanks for the CC. Helps prevent having to rewatch it to get the missed

J4JB says:

What is the song at the beginning of this video?

Krystle Champagne says:

LOL bad ass xx loves it

AbrahamHicks says:

rural1: All of the Abraham books are available in Spanish, and many other
languages. For information go to our website.

infinitelouis says:

WOW! If understanding this does not make YOU feel so very very special –
then there is nothing else that will..!! Love it – thanks Abraham 🙂

WilYeo says:

I love technology – made it possible to get to know the teachings of
Abraham – I deeply appreciate the series of presentations.

ksging says:

Thank you so much for sharing 🙂

rebelynnya says:

Thank you for helping us close the GAP!

Rahmatullah Beekun says:

She is a VERY powerful speaker.

AbrahamHicks says:

@axeoh “Ask And It Is Given” by Esther and Jerry Hicks

Silke Martin says:

I really like Esther, Jerry and Abraham. Thanks for all the miracles that
happend in my life since I practice this. Thanks for posting this. (I
really like Esthers bodylanguage and the way she uses her hands!)

Virmared Santiago says:

After more than six years listening to it, I can’t stop repeating the same:
how easy, how wise how easy, how wise how easy, how wise how easy, how wise
how easy, how wise woohooo love living!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

chriscuniah says:

I love this pre-croaking space time reality!

Susan McCord says:

So good!

La Donna Barbuta says:

Great! Inspiring me to focus to find another way of being in this life.

Agex33 says:

I have practicing the secret for almost a year, for the past couple of
months I have really taken the annotative to start exercising my new found
knowledge. I believe that when you begin to first exercise, your faith is
tested by previous beliefs. But for the past two days I have been listening
to her videos on YouTube and I have found that I am connecting with her
teachings of the great law in a more precise manner. She does an amazing
job and I am grateful that she is finally here.

mloon1313 says:

all you need to do is focus on thoughts, memories or anything wether real
or imagined that would make you feel good – and the law of attraction will
bring good things that you want to u

ciociosan says:

i went to one of their law of allowing seminars. i didn’t know how anyone
could hold a seminar that long. but i guess this is what happens when
abraham is co-creating with esther.

Anna Cosima says:

so true ! 😀

JLAFL says:

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I love Abraham! I love Esther! I love
Jerry! I appreciate Abraham’s words! Blessings! I feel good!

thelawofmoney says:

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making use of valuable home subject areas which usually lots want on. When
i concur together with your video post and will thirstily look forward to
the future alterations. Thanks as well as continue posting much more
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samann95014 says:

very powerful & sound wisdom words. this is really changing my life.

Spijon84 says:

There are many troughts in our world, but one that works if your looking
for what we call to be feeling good. When i wake up in the morning, I tell
myself to find a memory that makes me feel good. I focus on that thought,
and if there is something that interacts with it, I stop, analyses it with
my feeling of feeling good and therefor reprogramming my analysing tools as
I call them, so that it becomes less if, what is, what if and so on. And
then I just let go, with the knowledge that I

mimiSON says:

this is very powerful thanx 4 the post!

burnfaint21 says:

i love the sound of your voice…

Cylon7x says:

THANK YOU ^ ^=_0

debbii says:

I love you guys. Can’t wait to see you in London in May.

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