Abraham: THE LAW OF ATTRACTION – Part 2 of 5 – Esther & Jerry Hicks

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Abraham, Source Energy interpreted by Esther Hicks, delivers a 5-part introduction to their teachings on The Law of Attraction at a February, 2008 Abraham-Hi…


Cher Fauvel says:

Listening to Eter always brings sense!

Elvis Galevski says:

Whenever I listen to this information I feel SO GOOD!

goren agmon says:

listening to Esther make me happy

Keith McClure says:

Thank you Esther, love you so much, Thank to you all Abraham, I listen
much, I can’t imagine my life with out your Guidance, Love Love Love This
Stuff it is so REAL
Love Keith 

Agex33 says:

Soooo MUCH knowledge! Thank you!

Sofie Gal says:

It is just truly amazing to listen to Abraham. I was at the July 4th 2009
Westminster Workshop and I really really enjoyed it. It seems like it
doesn’t matter how many times I listen to Abraham, but every time I listen
to it I feel like I am hearing it for the 1st time. Whatever my questions
might be I always seem to get the answers when I listen to Abraham. I
wanted to say THANK YOU for all these exciting, exhilarating, extraordinary
and uplifting messages. Sofie

dianaandjackiejfk says:

I will manifest more videos. Thank you!

ajsloan says:

Intriguing and inspiring! Thanks for sharing this video to all.

Moyomoto says:

Mad love for sharing this video. I’ve watched this video more than once and
it’s incredible how the force that she has homed into makes no mistakes
when speaking and doesn’t even stumble, uhm and arrr about things, Solid
tangable knowledge, it’s amazing xx

AbrahamHicks says:

@axeoh See our YouTube video entitled “Abraham on God”

Michelle S says:


goraddy says:

This is some good STUFF! Practical and makes sooooooooooooooo much sense!
Needed to hear this right at this movement!

Kymm Nelsen says:

I’m so grateful for all that you’ve shared and all you’ve taught me. Thank
you so much.

AbrahamHicks says:

Thet3: Abraham identifies themselves as “an aspect of Source Energy”
analogous to Esther’s soul, representing “unconditional love”. They are not
related to the Biblical figure of Abraham. Esther is “translating blocks of
thought” in a process some have called “channeling”, though Esther and
Jerry do not prefer this definition. For a more complete explanation see
our other YouTube videos, or go to our Abraham-Hicks website and listen to
the free audio download entitled “Introduction To Abraham”.

girldownthestreet19 says:

Thank you Esther, Jerry, and Abraham for allowing me to realize only I am
in complete control of my life. Once I learned to take personal
resposibility for all my mishaps, my life absolutely blossomed. I started
applying Abraham’s message about 7 or 8 years ago and I now have 3
businesses and getting ready to open a fourth, I have a mom for a best
friend (I literally hated her to the core), and I’m very healthy! I love
love love my life! I’m so grateful!!!

savannah davies says:

i love abraham ,since listening to the seminars ive gained an insight to
the truth spoken its opened my eyes and hear thank you xxxxxx

Bhag Wayne says:

What a wonderful enlightening and empowering message,thank you for these

BarbraLovesYou says:

Thanks so much Abraham – Your work is deeply appreciated!!! Peace and Love
to all…

Jakeb Arturio Braden says:

gives me a weekly top up! Thanks…

awetu1 says:

thank you for the warm and inspirational messages abraham, esther and jerry.

angelbe88 says:

Does Esther ever talk about what people put into their bodies in terms of
how that effects the way they feel, think?

Krystle Champagne says:

i been up all night lol .. i went to bed and the little voice said get up
and watch the rest i love it x

BLuEsHayZee says:

I gave this 5 stars for being so awesome! 🙂

FlaviaMagic says:

I love being a Blended Being! Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful
videos with us. Much LOVE to you!

JeanGart says:

i love listening to these video clips, they really uplift my vibration.
Thank you Abraham. :o)

kerpal99 says:

Everything that was said in part 1, is the foundation of Quantum Mechanics.

Erin Major says:

I saw a blue aura around her for a majority of the video. 🙂

Justinexiii says:

Whenever I feel a doubt about anything, I look to my feelings now. And yes,
my life is better for it. It helps me clear my thoughts, desires, and
beliefs. Thank you.

Jeremy Huff says:

This message is so true, When I was about 6 years old My “higher Soul Self”
connected with me,I used to consider it an imaginary friend. This was along
time before Youtube,1979.By high school,I had a name from this voice in my
mind, JABEZ.When I discovered Bashar and Abraham Hicks here,I thought” Wow
this is information that JABEZ tells me”,I’ve always found confirmation in
what Jabez tells me in Buddhism and Taoism,but Abraham/ Bashar’s message
helps me focus and brings my experience clarity.

AbrahamHicks says:

andgelbe88: Abraham has addressed the subject many times. To access this
information, just go to our website and do a keyword search for the word

Andromeda1741 says:


wakeup0919 says:

its amazing the more i learn about quantum physics and the law of
attraction, its as if i’m realizing things i’ve already known. rather than
learning them. humanity is putting our basic nature into words! we’re

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