Abraham: THE LAW OF ATTRACTION – Part 1 of 5 – Esther & Jerry Hicks

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Abraham, Source Energy interpreted by Esther Hicks, delivers a 5-part introduction to their teachings on The Law of Attraction at a February, 2008 Abraham-Hi…


bigdubbatoo says:

Thoughts become things . So think good thoughts already !!!

AbrahamHicks says:

90260: Esther is translating blocks of thought from “Non-Physical Source
Energy” – which she also identifies as her “Inner Being” or “Soul” – who
refer to themselves in the plural as “Abraham” (no relation to the Biblical
figure). Esther does not prefer to use the word “channeling” to describe
her process, but understands if others do. For more information, view our
YouTube video “Abraham Explains Who They Are” or go to our website and
listen to the audio entitled “Introduction To Abraham”.

Eraser7622 says:

@wachman It’s most definitely not just you

AbrahamHicks says:

@skatiekatie01 Jerry and Esther currently have no plans to return to
England, but you may keep track of the scheduled Abraham workshops on our
website, and you may obtain a two-disc DVD of their last (and so far only)
visit to the UK, also through our website – it is entitled “Abraham Abroad:
The England & Ireland Tour”.

rodney76541 says:

i have been practicing this since the secret first came out with her in the
movie and every since ive seen nothing but proof everyday of my life i plan
to go to her workshop soon and hope to be picked for a question it wasnt a
coincident that i just happened to find her videos a year ago and reach new
heights of law of attraction not a second goes by that i dont know what im
doing to this world with my consciousness im 18 years old now and came a
long way from 3 years ago im glad to be alive

Mia Staysko says:

I’m sorry but this is such a stupid comment. He died, we all do. Period. Is
he gone, no. Is he dead. Yes. You will too – Get over it.

adrienne johnson says:

I love Ester and Abraham. I discoverd them a few days a go. I just drink my
coffee and become more inspired each day.

priscillajames says:

very good and enlightening video thanks for the inspiration.

AnimeKing151 says:

I listen to these with my mom in our car everywhere go and since we started
my mom has had a great increase of income as well as my grades improving
greatly. Thank you.

dixon62 says:

I do find these videos refreshing, and aligning. As a founder of a
children’s charity, one of the challenges I at times stumble over, is being
surrounded by poverty, and maintaining a sense of clarity around abundance.
But, I must say the video’s are helpful in a lot of respects.

AbrahamHicks says:

solidyahoo: Esther has said that she is not possessed, is not in a trance,
and is not “channeling” as most people understand the word. Rather she is
aligning with and translating – using her own vocabulary – blocks of
thought from “Source Energy” within her, which she sometimes identifies as
her Soul.

Justyna Lam says:

Hi, great video! really inspiring! keep up the good work~Justyna

AbrahamHicks says:

@LoveOfLinguistics The song is on the album “Joy, Joy, Joy” by Francine
Jarry and is available through Abraham-Hicks.

yoyolandi says:

this is amazing, i am currently reading your book, the law of attraction!
it is truly amazing, i feel the deep emotions when i read it. i am 22 yrs
old and i am so thankful to know this at such a young age. i would love
love love to meet you guys and id love to meet or find out the name of my
inner being!

dvision23 says:

How is it that Abraham and Dr. Dyer both use the terms “source energy” and
“intention”. Are they linked somehow?

jtkalehua says:

So is Abraham, or the “Source Energy” as it’s referred to in the video, the
essence of God or the Universe within all of us? Meaning is Abraham the
same Source Energy of everyone, not just Esther? Is Abraham pretty much
God’s Energy, and are we all able to channel Abraham too?

bf4e11 says:

Wait- a spirit speaks through this woman at her paid seminars?

Ashoo Modgil says:

It’s true as I have experienced during my spiritual emergence my true
identity as the subtle energy and experienced it very vividly and have
experienced rewiring of my consciousness that was very challenging
experience but very enlightening and expansive.I am still in the process of
integrating the sudden shift in my vibration to a very high vibration of
living each moment with Source Energy of Love.

evelyn sofoda says:

I absolutly love itttt!!!!!!! Everytime I start to lose sight of my vortex
, I watch this video and I find my self in bliss again. I love abrahams
humor, it really comes to show that the universe isnt so scary as the
“bible” makes it seem. This video really changed so much in me, I am
finally free!!!!! 🙂

chris honey says:

very intresting so it its possible to attract success to your life i mean
im only 16 so i dont know all the fancy words you are saying ut some i
understood its just hard to believe that it can be that simple

positivitysource says:

Yes I can confirm feeling different too upon watching this video.This is
week 2 now for me watching Law of Attraction – also ‘the Secret’ videos & I
can honestly say that change does take place even within a couple of
minutes.I believe it’s the mind tuning into the vibrations of the video
itself.After watching the first video a couple of weeks back I had
‘results’ of this theory working within 36 hours.Honestly.Thoughts
manifested in results.Not huge but nonetheless proof to me.

Christian Taylor-Williams says:

what is the song at the beginning? It’s amazing!

abcanalyst says:

Thank you for Englishsubtitle.!! Abraham is so respected also in Japan.
Please Please come to Japan!! (From Japan)

seven7045 says:

yes, exactly…the beauty of their teachings is that they so resonate with
us. it is not that these things are new to us. I always knew them deep
inside me but never spoke of them even with myself and never heard anyone
speak to me. now that Hicks bring out these things so beautifully and
clearly, I am confident they are so relevant.

BETOUCHEDbySharon says:

I was introduced to Abraham 7 1/2 years ago when I was in a period of lack
& victimization. Within two years of changing my beliefs, my entire life
looked and felt absolutely different- I became abundant, joyful & powerful,
beginning with my financial state. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Also, I LOVE the song! xoxox

bulletzdz says:

goood stuff

elleavectoi says:

only listening to Esther gets me shivers down my spine… And with reading
her book named Ask and it is given, i felt the same thing, great feeling of
connection with something bigger! Thank u

AbrahamHicks says:

N1k1mon: Watching all of the free videos here on our abrahamhicks channel
is a place to start. Then you can search keywords for the thousands of
audio clips on YouTube that Esther and Jerry have allowed others to post.
Finally you can go to our website and explore the abundance of free
information available there.

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