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Excerpted from Episode 3 of the Vortex of Attraction DVD Series, entitled “Effortless Manifestation”. The 3-disc set was recorded at an Abraham-Hicks worksho…


Evita Ochel says:

Lots of great messages in this video from #abrahamhicks but the message
about selfishness is PRICELESS. This is so poorly understood in our society
and plays such a major role in our health, happiness, quality of life, etc. Abraham:

Mike Kollin says:

I just want to say 1 thing to all of this stuff!!


Michael Rojas says:

The law of attraction is in tune with the vortex

xXBlinDXx12 says:

you can see her aura in this video pretty well.

Jim Hill says:

“I’ve figured out my relationship with me.” Love this line. May we reach a
point where we all can say this! 

mgrace10 says:

I am swimming in that pool…!!!
and it feels Great !! In much appreciation…..

Constantinescu Andrei says:


Jason Braeburn says:

Thank you so much for this! 

Aleisha Reppucci says:

Absolutely loved, adored, and valued all of this information. Thank you and

jide omololu says:


xCharlene Smith says:

Thank you!! Big time!!!

Molly Maharaj says:

lolllllllllllllllll love this 

Ankit Tak says:

Thank you Youtube….

Janice Davies says:

Great reminder….thanks x

Wen Boley says:

Having worked with the Hicks stuff for over 10 years, I can say this is an
awesome supplement reminding us about the important aspects of ourselves
that we often buried in the nastiness our society perpetuates. Everyone
should pay attention.

Akiba Kiiesmira says:


AveLinda says:

Finally It makes sense tome to care about me and stop
bending myself overbackwards to please others. ITS OKAY TO BE SELFISH and
not feeling guilty for saying no because I’m pleasing me instead of YOU
Thank you Abraham Esther and Jerry

Nimfa Salise says:

this will really help you… please hear all the workshops and seminar
about the Law of Attraction by Abraham Hicks. thank you my friends.

Jon Paul says:

love her

Atanas Gunchev says:

Isn’t everything the vortex? Isn’t “stepping outside the vortex” also the
vortex, pretending it is separate from itself and standing aside? This is
the vortex paradox LOL :D

prince atom says:

nothing wrong with being self – centered. lol

Agnes Isis Ariel says:

I love this… Listen and learn my friends!

Veronica Wainstein says:


Peter Nartey says:

Society has taken the word Selfishness and turn it upside down to control
our human side as well as confuse our thinking. And since, we as humans are
condition to thinking, staying in our head, it makes the controlling
even much more easier. Selfishness is good thing if only we can allow
ourselves to feel it, that is, go back into our body. Really feeling
it. Thanks for explaining it so well AbrahamHicks.

CoreGoddess says:

Loved finding you on You Tube… 

MsDiamondStar1980 says:

Lovely video. Thank you greatly for your work. It has really helped me
turn my life around to create/manifest the life I want filled with
prosperity, joy, love, and an abundance of wonderful and delightful

Carrie Wood says:

I love her !!! Saved me 

Denni Punongbayan says:


Divinity Healing says:


Elizabeth Holloway says:
Greg Frucci says:

awesome…watch and listen… :)

Holly Dawn Hewlett says:

Deliberate thinking….Deliberate Creator!

Angela Streweler says:

“you cannot lead from behind”

Global Alliance Project says:

Dear Friend …
Every Tues./Saturday I’ll share a special video treat.
Want to inspire “action” in others?
Watch this video …

happii.lotus EatsRainbows says:

delicious ;)) 

Elizabeth Dial says:

Thoughts are things, we create what we think about.
This truth goes back centuries, or further.
Heck, the Bible talks about creating what we think about. Remember Moses
expressing, “The thing I have greatly feared has come upon me!”

Napoleon Hill taught this this in his classic book, Think And Grow Rich.
Abraham Hicks teaches this but goes deeper, goes to the Source of this
knowledge, explaining how our thoughts create.

What are your thoughts on Napoleon Hill, and Abraham Hicks?

Giovani Saintiny says:

THAT WAS AWESOME!! 😀 Thank you, so much, Jerry & Esther. <3

beforeourveryeyes says:

thank you

Sandra Anastasio says:

I had been searching all my life for the meaning of life that will make
sense to me, until I found the teachings of Abraham. They clicked right in
with me. I want to thank Abraham, Jerry and Esther, for all the amazing
information that they share with us, and all the wonderful people who take
the time to post these amazing videos!!, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! =))))))


can someone explain to me the vortex shes talking about?

jardo5000 says:

Thank you for this beautiful piece of insight.



AbrahamHicks says:

@tmtsauce The song is called “Full Circle” and it is from a CD entitled
“Touch The Sky” by Max Highstein – which is available from Abraham-Hicks

fursatali says:

Hi Friend, The difinition of selfish that we all have been taught and what
abraham is teaching are two different things.

brightraeful says:

I love this!

Phoenix Airbender says:

I absolutely LoVe the look on Esters face when she says “so wonderful to
watch you die”, it’s as if she couldn’t believe she actually said that. hehe

Amanda Flaker says:

LOVE! <3

PowerTo AllSpirit says:

From now I will be selfish. Thank you Hicks! Love you!

Crystal D' Esprit says:

Children are close to source vibration because that’s where we / they came
from and they haven’t learn’t judgements or categories to place those
judgements and agreed idea’s about certain things about. I love working
with children to enable them to maintain their vibration and understand the
other musical vibrations so that they know how to navigate them whilst
maintaining theirs 🙂

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