Abraham on: THE STREAM – Esther & Jerry Hicks

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Abraham, through Esther Hicks, talks about The Stream of Well-Being that flows from Non-Physical Source, and explains how manifestation occurs. Excerpted fro…


Parrish Pittman EL says:

Go with the flowwwwwwww!

Jamie Morton says:

Like. Your stream is yours.

PhillipTheresa Slocum says:

Abraham Hicks The Stream

Sandra Lee Schubert says:

What does Abraham have to say about the stream?

starcaly says:

Abraham, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! Going downstream is so fun…wee…”the
magnificent stream of well-being is carrying us to everything we have asked
for everytime” OH YEAH…love love love

SullyPDX says:

I just really learned this, to go with the flow and life is so much easier.
TheUniverse is totally providing for me and I am so grateful.

wendekelly1 says:

this is sooo awesome! thank you universe for bring me this video this
morning! i am about to go to work and deal with a difficult day and this
totally opened my eyes!!! i need to quit fighting the current and just go
with the flow!

fazeila921 says:

This stuff works! I’ve been listening to the Teachings of Abraham audio CDs
and the Youtube videos for weeks now. I have been thinking positively and
focusing on what I want (not on my reality). All of a sudden, seemingly out
of nowhere, I find a new job with a 50% pay increase! It all happened in
less than 2 weeks. It would not have happened had I not been practicing
these universal laws. Now I will work on attracting a mate!!

Denyse Bree says:

And so it is…

cheriebibo says:

I love this video! Such a beautiful lesson! namaste

Lokahibodyworks says:

I enjoy the metaphors used – really helps to understand teachings. And I
really enjoy the humor! Thank you!

Andromeda1741 says:

Ive gotten lots of awards and stuff, it was always because whatever I was
doing I loved doing, I never “paddled upstream” to achieve anything, I just
did what I loved

danielle0123456789 says:

thanks so much for your videos esther and jerry. I knew the year before
that something would happen in sept 2007 that would change my life forever
and a friend gave me the secret with esther, i love the movie but it was
esther’s voice her accent that i couldnt figure out and i couldnt get her
out of my head, not knowing she was channeling, just something about her
made me want to know more about her, then i found abrahams teaching and it
was the beginning of the new me, thank you 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

danielslzhou says:

love and joyful from shanghai china

spamusubi says:

hey thanks for this amazing beautiful stuff man. Ok, does ANYBODY know the
name of the song on the special cd’s? the intro song, i have the health and
relationship cd’s, and listening to the intro song i have an eargasm.

patyluvsbonjovi says:

It’s JUST AMAZING what she said. I could say her speeches are messages from
God, because all of them have so much Wisdom… Ok, not easy to do, but if
u stop to think about it, its so right, you can’t deny.

attractionmindmap says:

Great analogy with going with the flow of the stream. We have to learn not
to hold on too tightly to things that do not matter but to really let go.

createyourlifenow says:

I LOVE ALL OF YOU ABRAHAM!!..Thank you Esther and Jerry!!…peace
..joy….blessings..ALL IS WELL

jennajash says:

Love, Love, Love Abraham. Thanks for being!

rankalot says:

I really want to know how esther’s contact with abraham began?…..how did
esther find this source energy?This is amazing groundbreaking stuff,
however has a scientology ring to it. I am only day’s into my study of this
“secret” but my thoughts are beginning to take a new direction. It is a
broader understanding which I seek and for years I have been seeking
knowledge which I require to attain this broader understanding, however
everywhere I turned It just didn’t feel right. I began to view with

Stephen Michael Thornton - The Cover Songs says:

<3 :)

buttonsoc says:

Dec.2006 I got a new job. I was hired to be a bookkeeper and in my infumus
wisdom, decided to “heal” the company and all those involved. They did not
want a CFO, CEO, or for that matter an accountant. They were paying me what
I wanted to simply write checks and send out invoices. And be there on time
and go to lunch and lock the door on my way out! Once I relaxed and
accepted it, my life has changed! This happened before I heard of Abraham
Hicks! WE ARE ALL CONNECTED. I Am convinced!

brealfool says:

peace!! this is peace!! just let go and all that maters then is love not
war, not evil ,just love

buffedtrainer says:

The most profound and clearest information available on the planet today.
It doesn’t get any better than this folks.

rosemarie c borgersen says:

Thank you very much<3<3<3

moneymagnetelizabeth says:

This is an incredible video and so true, thank you for your wonderful

Clearwater098 says:

But HOW do we let go of the resistance and go with the flow? How do I
overcome my bad days, the fears and anxiety brought by what is happening
and WHY do they even occur if I always try to feel wonderful?

mmmjays says:

can you guys give examples of “going with the flow” in your daily lives?

Gina McNally says:

You couldn’t be more right! The more you let go, the more love that will
naturally manifest inside oneself. Thank you for this reminder! You have a
beautiful voice. x0x0, gina

Andromeda1741 says:

I love these vidoes, they are such easy reminders. Great morning coffee and
any other time ! Thanks !!!!

Aarusha Appreciates says:

reeallllly appreciate your posting this. muchas gracias x10000000

marques10010 says:

@Drewalloveryou1 lol i heard that….she is good! very good explaining

messagesfromwithin says:

Thank you Love and Light

michaelkbolton says:

brilliant Abraham, thanks for sharing, Michael

SkipClancy says:


hipretty says:

Thank you! Love & Light!

Marisa Russo says:

I so love the law of attraction and I just love how Abraham explains it.
This is powerful stuff and I am very grateful to have leant it. Bring it on

uranne says:

oh yes … the earth continues to spin in its orbit

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