ABRAHAM ~ MONEY and the LAW OF ATTRACTION – Your New Story (Part One)

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Part One – Your new money story will establish a new pattern of thought, providing you with a new point of attraction from your present, about your past, and…


Angie Venix says:

I am translating this in dutch and I come across an obstacle. In dutch we
cannot like something, we can only find it like-able (how do you spell
that?) This might sound strange but ‘Ik leuk’ is just not correct, we say
‘Ik vind het leuk’. First sentence: ‘Ik vind ……leuk’ The like-part come
at the end and it feels uncomfortable to pronounce. I already have a
solution (well, two actually) but which is better: I love or I enjoy. I
love sounds more passionate but enjoy would be closer to like

eljorisluypaert says:

@janicedel No it doesn’t. You have to work for it in the real world.
Focusing on something without action is useless. It is just magical
thinking. Don’t be lazy. You can only do something if you do it. Having the
correct mindset is NEVER enough. Don’t give up on the power to be active.
Don’t content yourslf with being passive, that equals giving up on life
itself, however nice it is worded.

Julie-ann Reid says:

Q: Is there a websites that you can print out fake for euro money in a way
just to have it in yr wallet? To get the feeling of having lots of money.

hotazgirlie07 says:

Thank you for watching and for your uplifting and encouraging comment! We
can all do it!

hotazgirlie07 says:

Hi there! Glad you enjoy my vids! I enjoyed making this one because I got
to read over and over again my new story about money. Ab’s new book is
wonderful! Keep watching! :o)

1971SuperLead says:

I find the best way to attract money is to genuinely try to work your ass
off for the company or for the customers. It doesn’t matter as long as you
are trying hard to give someone what they want.

Elaine Sarantakos says:

Great Canadian Rockies Pictures!!

hotazgirlie07 says:

Thank you for such a lovely comment! It brings me great joy to know that
you enjoy my videos. Thanks so much!

hotazgirlie07 says:

Thanks so much! Love & Light to you!

Angie Venix says:

BTW can’t you just print a picture of real euro’s? (It not illegal if you
don’t use it) those images are available for sure!

bubbles bubbles says:

“lack of money ” bad phrase

Ryan Biddulph says:

Hi, Super video. AH tells it like it is. By changing how you feel about
money you allow more money to move into your life. Thanks for sharing! Ryan

flostinparadise says:

Thank you for posting this. Hugs from Florida. David.


Great video, thanks I will watch this again and again until I get it right,
Love the music

imaginator says:

thank you! I am very happy to see your video.

mely rose Salvador says:

great law of money attraction. nice to know the point of view in your
video. thumb up with a great rate kind of video.

Salty Sal says:

I would like to know who wrote/played this music. Proper credit is due.
Good video.

revadriana says:

Thank you for posting this…you (we, as there is only one of us here) are
definitely blessed. Interesting how the words love and money are
interchangeable. Hugs…Rev. AD

sivashakti says:

lovely video–sometimes the white words were drowned out by the white in
the image; and it would be nice to have a version where the words are being
spoken so the viewer could absorb the imagery–that imagery is perspective
changing–very nice–and soothing music too. thank you

Napoleon Hill & Abraham says:

I like the idea that money is as available as the air i breathe, wouldnt it
be nice if my bank account just doubled every day…as soon as i had spent
it all it just doubled…wouldnt that be nice!

loui0008 says:

Brilliant! Just as I see it, but haven’t put up a video – Thank you!

hotazgirlie07 says:

Hello my friend! Thank you for your kind comment. Love and Light, Rebecca

Cuervo Vallejo says:

I had not seen this video. Thank you for posting it. Every time you post
another Abraham video, you are helping many people help themselves.
Unfortunately we live in a world where money is involved in everything we
do in one form or another and if not enough money is coming into our lives,
it becomes difficult to enjoy life to it’s fullest. So spreading Abraham’s
teachings is a great service to humanity. Thanks again.

esperd says:

The upward moving words makes me nauseous. Otherwise, nice video.

bleuivy says:

yes i can.

janice bey says:

if u focus on money with ease money will come to you with ease.

tamma45 says:

This is exactly what I needed – practical, doable, and inspirational
guidance. THANK YOU!!!

peanutbutterbreakfas says:

Thanks for this amazing presentation! Love Abraham-Hicks and it’s working
wonders for changing my life to the better. Can I ask what program you made
this with?

petuniamighty says:

hi ! do you have a book of your pictures? they are very very special. the
animals are captured as they really are,more than meets the eye. wonderful.
also in this one the the pictures of the money ,i love the 20’s in a row
,vey powerful . would love to buy a book of your work! but how??? thank you.

hotazgirlie07 says:

@ryanbiddulph Thank you for watching and your very kind comment Ryan! Watch
how your checking account seem to always have money in it once you change
how you feel about money. Namaste!

liz7bay says:

Thankyou so much for doing this

HarmonicJoy says:

This had a new twist and new feel to the vids that we see here and I liked
it very much. It wasn’t the in your face MONEY MONEY MONEY fast pics and
high speed sounds etc – it was sad, serious and sincere – and that reflects
how most of us feel and all of us have felt at one time or another a slave
to money.

hotazgirlie07 says:

Thank you for watching!

davidpaul8 says:

well done. My thoughts exactly. thank you for sharing…very relaxing.
peace and love from the heart dp

cmeduck says:

Today I breathed in and breathed out money. It made me cough a lot. I don’t
think my lungs appreciated it too much.

HarmonicJoy says:

Abraham understands that Money is a deceptive tool of perception a rascal
if you will. It is a form of energy that wears so many disguises – the sad
part is that it is us that dresses it. Money is here to work for you not
for you to work for money. Great Job!!!

SereneandPeaceful says:

Love you videos!

Karen Swain says:

beautiful music who is it? thanks lots of love ks

Anne-Maree Williams says:

Thank you once again! I just bought Abraham’s new book and am continually
saying to myself, “Nothing is more important than that I feel good,” and I
am really starting to see an improvement in my thoughts and mood. Keep the
videos coming – I enjoy them so much!

thelawofmoney says:

Great video!!! such a nice idea with your video topic. It give knowledge on
how to handle money. And can gain the pure balance of life and money.
Thanks for a nice video post.keep it up!!!

buffedtrainer says:

Thanks for posting. I’ve been listening to Abraham for about 14 years, I
feel it’s the clearest information available on the planet today. this
video captures Abraham’s message about the importance of feeling good.
Thank you.

jazzwaves says:

A well-thought out presentation. Love it! for a daily regiment

Bfree2be says:

Thanks hotazgirlie07…had a chance to watch more of your vids now. Usually
as I work o computer audio is best but there is something very penetrating
about the flow of info on screen with beautiful imagery that makes these
pieces powerful works in themselves, powerful in their artistry…thanks
for your effort and I’m sure it was enjoyable to do but still it took time
ad effort…so applause:-))..am a happy subscriber bunny!

Angie Venix says:

I remember a website producing fake checks, I am just to lazy to look it up
for you, sorry. But hey, It might help. I also recieved a fake E25.000
(yes, euro!) banknote from bankgiroloterij and E100.000 fake banknote from
readers digest. Somehow they printed it, so there are companies who do
that. Maybe those images are available online. It’s too bad I don’t have a

janice bey says:

@eljorisluypaert it is clear to me that you are misunderstanding what i am
saying. what i mean is relax while thinking of money instead of being
frustrated. when you have nice thoughts about money the frequency that your
giving out is multipilying itself back to you. Magical thinking in a world
that happens to be an illusion is ok with me. Walt Disney had magical
thinking and look what he created. Action is important too… however
thoughts have magnetic power. Action is always a good thing.

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