Abraham Hicks – A very interesting Law of Attraction Story

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Extracted from the Abraham Hicks workshop : San Diego – 2011.03.05. All recorded and printed Abraham-Hicks materials are copyrighted by Jerry and Esther Hick…


Law of Attraction Changed My Life says:

Very inspiring. I just started my own law of attraction youtube channel on
how it’s changed my life. I just want to spread the word to others about
how this can transform you. 

Patricia Royce says:

I would love to connect with this man in the Hot Seat. I moved to Carmel a
year ago – a result of my listening to Abe/Hicks which manifested for me
coming to Carmel for XMAS, then while here I said “I am going to manifest
the means to move here” which I then did in 90 days. Once here, I
immediately manifested the job and a new business to continue to afford
living in Carmel. I started with nothing. Now I am a successful business
owner in Carmel by the Sea. I love this stuff. It really really really
REALLY does work. I am known among my friends now as the “Manifestor”.

Jay Dallas says:


XOalakanaXO says:

So can someone clarify this for me… do we get into alignment with our
desires to get into the vortex, or do we get into the vortex to get into
alignment with our desires and then it comes? im having a little trouble
with this “ignoring reality” stuff… it just feels bad to me so i think i
must be mis understanding the idea behind not looking at what is?

Da1uLyK says:

@XOalakanaXO You know you’re in the vortex when you’re feeling absolutely
great about pretty much everything. You must be satisfied with where you
are, appreciating things as you move along your day. If your are irritated,
ornery, upset or whatever about something (as in a negative emotion), make
sure it does not last longer than 17 seconds otherwise you are negatively
affecting you’re future experiences. Strive to be happy no matter what and
envision what you want more than you observe the…

ladyserene100 says:

WOW. very well stated!

MyDreamIsHereNow says:

Love this.. 🙂

Dina379 says:

I am # 1 viewer 🙂 In the vortex…..:) Such a nice pivoting story! Thank
you so much, just line up with the solution, perfect timing, also very
funny and entertaining. Thank you VIO, appreciate your posts a lot 🙂

Jacquissource says:

@coachrecien cool story!!!

stellargravity13 says:

Thank goodness for Abraham!

thethirdq says:

What a powerful Video. Your passion really comes through!

Peggy Halevi says:

In appreciation.

carefulcarpenter says:

“Love is the eternal revolutionary” ~~cc

CalmingBuddha says:

Asilomar… that’s funny, I just watched Wayne Dyer’s movie “the Shift”
last night! and in it they were at Asilomar!!!! 😀

greenmarker567 says:


deliber8cre8tor says:

I wish I could meet this kind of man, he sounds wonderful 🙂

jabrown1978 says:

@JonahKai111 OMG you are SOOO right, Vio does post THE most interesting
abraham clips, sometimes i barely move when listening to them because they
are so intriguing. I mean I like all abe clips but the ones like this or
the ones that tell specific stories are on very specific subjects i find

lakmerevlon says:

i love their stories!!!

primresp says:

“When you find the solution and line up with it, the problem disappears”.
superb upload on so many levels.

KSangel180 says:

I absolutely love Abraham Hicks

Da1uLyK says:

@XOalakanaXO things around you (especially those you don’t like). As you do
this more frequently, you will be in alignment with source and by law what
you want will manifest for you in this physical realm.

Mellow Erb says:

Thank you so much for sharing!

Olly Chamberlain says:

great, eased my mind for this evening 🙂

Sirena C says:

I liked this!

AnnMarie ParsonMcNamara says:

great one!!

roamwhereiwant2 says:

This is one of the best! I am so appreciative of you and your uploads!

rb156red says:

This was a fun one!!!

ZeliZeleny says:

this is solid gold. Thanks 🙂

Lucy Miller says:

So perfect. Thank you 🙂

Ellen G says:

I love this story! I will apply it from now on, looking forward allready..
Thanks for sharing!

Fernanda Tralala says:

@CalmingBuddha I watched it these days too 🙂

cobeany says:

This is fun! Thanks!

BaileyBeats says:

Fantastic story 😀

theAbeElement says:

sure wasn’t expecting “It’s been 3 years and I haven’t seen a bus since!!”
haha 🙂 As a runner I especially appreciate this. thanks!

JonahKai111 says:

this one seriously amazes me! I had a huge realization just last night
about my own resentment towards former co-workers being hypocritical
towards me for things I “didn’t do”… and yet rather than feeling
resentment, I finally understood I was attracting that from them and so I
can have compassion for them playing their part… and then THIS VIDE0!
Rad!! vio77X- I have noticed over the past two years or so, you seem to
post the best Abraham clips I have ever heard other than a handful

mnady60 says:

LOVED THIS STORY!! Just what I needed this morning …thanks!

Dina379 says:

Let go….this is so important to remember, just love this pivoting story:)
Love your videos VIO :).

Chasson Bianco says:

I needed to hear this today! Thank you. “Line up with the solution”… I’m
taking this and running with it!

bridaks says:

The timing of this video for me is Sign of Attraction right there in it’s
best. It is to say that only yesterday did i discovered the Magic of the
Vortex but in a Transportable entity if One could play with words…lol In
other Words i just understood fully yesterday how important to always say
things and think things that solves the problem in the RIGHT NOW Realm you
see..So One has to identify and find a positive counter thought to find a
happy after thought. Therefore solving any Problems

shamisendemon says:

Me too. I love Abraham Hicks!

meow0meow7 says:


gagzy1989 says:

When you find the solution and line up with it, the problem disappears. . .

joyisinthejourney says:

this is simply brilliant! thanks for posting.

videos2c2day says:

Brilliant stories and comments…

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