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Excerpted from the DVD “Money And The Law of Attraction” – a companion to the book of the same name. Available in a store near you, or directly from Abraham-…


Sam Smith says:

“Astounding indeed,” she Is….

Jonathan Bibb says:

It’s hard to imagine, impossible even, that a greater teacher has ever set
foot on this earth and shared such sublime words such as these. Time and
again Abraham delivers the answers with such profound clarity and caring
and love, and it is a joy to hear such beautiful and profound words spoken
. And how lucky I feel to have access to such teachings, and to have the
Golden opportunity to put them into practice in my life. Sometimes words
are not enough, but for what it’s worth I would like to say send a
heartfelt thank you to everyone and everything which makes it possible for
me to sit and watch these videos from the comfort of my own home and to
learn and grow from them. Thank You. May you all live the life that you
dream of.

J. Michael Christophre says:

“are there things in your Life that Are as you want them to be? Keep
tellin` that story! | are there things in your Life that Are Not as you
want it to be? Don’t tell that story!” ~Abraham-Hicks

bravolondon says:

thank you so much abraham, esther, jerry ! greetings from london. daniel

maef galaxies says:

This really works because I was just listening to this cd last night and
wondering what she and the room loked like and today this vid was
reccommended to me…with the same exact message!

Victoria M Noble says:

This is one of my favorites!

catman90000 says:

i am working on that right now

checkoutmymelody1 says:

3:24-4:00 LOA (Law of Attraction) Emcee – she got her flow on! lol Good
stuff, Abraham!!

ItsTheUniverse2011 says:

I’m gonna be on Broadway

AlanToaca says:

thank you for sharing this! you changed my life! Alan Toaca

daygotown12 says:

I am rich. I have a Big House right on the beach i have my own boat, Nice
cars, my own private jet and a fortune worth over 100,000,000.000 dolllors.
i Enjoy my rich uxorious life.

chelilandia says:

Ah-mazing message EVERY SINGLE TIME!! – On my favorite videos already.

AbrahamHicks says:

eckankarpaul: Esther is translating blocks of thought from “Non-Physical
Source Energy” – which she also identifies as her “Inner Being” or “Soul” –
who refer to themselves in the plural as “Abraham” (no relation to the
Biblical figure). For a complete orientation to The Teachings of Abraham,
The Law of Attraction, and the role that positive thinking and our emotions
play in our lives, one may simply view all of the free videos posted here
on our YouTube channel.

Sini Sia says:

How can someone talk that fast? wow

laaspen says:

@isabellum14 I think that is great! I wish I knew this back in high school!
Happy createing!

seebistoo says:

I think thats awsome she’s teaching people this stuff. Spiritual gift of
truth. Spiritual philanthropist.. On the road to getting rich my self. Came
across this in March 2007, Been studying… Good stuff..

Rachel Cuizon says:

thanks really true!!

thegreatcreator says:

esther hicks rocks

2MakeMoney says:

The Abraham books are the most life-changing of all the books I have ever
read, because the information WORKS like a dream! I love the teachings SO
much. Isn’t it fantastic to be able to watch these videos for free and get
all this inspiration without having to travel anywhere! One of their best
books for me is The astonishing power of emotions. It’s different examples
in each chapter of life situations we can all relate to and exactly how to
make that situation better. It’s incredible.

osian77 says:

and it is funny to me because as I read and re read the books I have had
the fortune to come across I find myself laughing many times and saying..HA
I ALREADY KNEW THAT….(smile) huhhhhh how beautiful it is to finally be me.

GloZell Green says:

Thank You GloZell

buzzclick500 says:

What past experiences made me the way I am? Only the good ones. ;])

jockdoubleday says:

“the art of telling a different story.”

ChefDeora says:

Listening to this video I experience a sense of being healed, or lifted to
a more pleasant emotional vibrational level. Also, while watching it with a
softened focus, I can see a distinct aura around Esther, which is gone when
I tighten my visual focus.

AbrahamHicks says:

1jtv: Please see our newly-posted YouTube video entitled “Abraham On The
World Financial Crisis” which was recorded on the day of the second
Presidential debate.

serenara says:

Thank you so much Esther for having found Abraham and being able to express
it. This must take a lot of strengh and gathering

ndlsumr says:

It seems when I use affirmations, such as “I am wealthy, money easily flows
into my life, I am a magnet for prosperity, etc”, that little voice in my
head says “No you’re not / no it doesn’t”. It seems ‘unbelievable’. Any
suggestions on how to overcome that or am I doing it wrong?

tony3461 says:

This is so powerful!!!!!!!!!!!!

DickeyBarbour says:

Thank you!!!

Purple Ann says:

Abraham through Esther is the most inspiring thing that I have encountered
ever and it fills me with joy every time I hear her speak, wow

JohanR888 says:

I love the abraham hicks material. i also get a lot fo joy from watching
Esther, i think she is wonderful with such a wonderful positive vibe. many

chicodepuertorico says:

Great Cheer!!! Thanx very much for that.

tylercj says:

I’m rich too! nice

Abdysciys says:

I have a question. Everyone can connect with these beings through
meditation ??? or only Ester can

MrEasyCash says:

Abraham Changed my life, they also confirmed what i already new inside
me,words can not explain enough. Lots Of Love From Here Always.. Thank You
Abraham/Esther & Jerry Hicks.

Movzhuru says:

that’s really astounding! thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!

naritaiwatashi says:

cool I feel like I’m really there with Esther and Jerry and Abraham and
everyone else! I’m such a genius for projecting myself into this world!

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