A Success Story with The Secret and Law of Attraction

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This is the success story of Mark Ewing.  Learn how Mark used The Secret and The Law of Attraction to get a career where he gets paid to take vacations, travel the world on his own terms, and is making a great living doing it


MindMovieSiteReview says:

That’s a really good story Mark. You have done some incredible stuff there.

Shanon3100 says:

“People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.” – Dale

Lou L says:

That’s Sweet Man . . Keep it up Buddy!

AspiringPotato says:

@MarkEwing33 An anecdote on basic human social behavior is not a valid
proof for a new physical law.

Aaron James says:

it says anyone can…but i was wondering im 16 can I? im still in
school…but i realized that school doesnt teach you how to be a
millionaire…and thats what i want…and i would like to travelle the
world and get paid!

Julie-ann Reid says:

Q:In attracting yr soulmate with the help of the Law.How long can the list
be? Does it have to be kept simple and can it have more then 10 things and
is 3 computer printing paper to much?What is the right way in order for the
universe to pick up on it? THANK U SO MUCH 4 YR REPLY.

Kluger Maxi says:

@jmwwd your looking for mathematic evidence for something without time and
space. your trying to use a primitve loupe to locate something unlocateable
with a man made tool? iv been an atheist for 22 years and in love with
science and astronomy for about 8 years, but those two helped me to
UNDERSTAND. today i KNOW (i dont belive) that it has never been a question
of beliveing but knowing and remembering. words cant explain something
bigger then our 3 dimensional universe

Chanteuredelopera says:

@jmwwd That is simply your perception of things. Nothing is separate from
the mind & it is very presumptuous of you to assume that people feel deep
down inside them that God does not exist, various people feel deep down
inside them that God is as real as anything they can see, hear, feel or
smell. Therefore, your perception of things is NOT necessarily the
perception of others. There are as many perceptions as there are people.
One size does not fit all in this case.

MrSteviesax says:

How did you use the LOA? You only mentioned your business? any affirmations
or chants? How did you get into the vortex?

Mark Ewing says:

Try it now. It was down for about an hour. The link is in the “more info”
section, under the video.

Mark Ewing says:

@herd123 look for the positive in everything. It sounds simplistic, but it

MrBrightStar01 says:

If you live your life afraid of where you and every one else goes when we
die and feel guilt for all your sins. You live a life of fear and guilt and
forget about the now. And if you believe you are just a humble servant of
god then you really are what you think and your words show us that very
well. Best wishes to all of humanity

mysticmeira says:

hey, i got this book called ‘your soulmate is calling’ by russ michael
yesterday.. been reading it since then.. and also saw stuff on arielle
ford’s soulmate kit.. i have been trying to do the exercises, but at times
i feel really lame about it.. can’t believe i am doing it.. what do u
reckon? is it okay to feel that way initially? and how is your soulmate
relationship going? how did u recognise him?

Layarion says:

Looking for confirmation – From what I’ve learned after gathering material
from the Secret and Abraham Hicks is that the real secret is your feelings.
Visuals, affirmations, and making cars out of your sofa are tools with one
thing in common. And that is, it’s not exactly what your thinking that you
are getting, but it’s what you are feeling that you are getting – which is
affected by what your thinkg However the feeling is where you are
attracting from. Sound right?

achooken says:

Thanks for the props! Honestly my whole life has been rearranged one step
and day at a time since i’ve started exploring that power of our mind.
Hasn’t even been a whole year yet. There’s too much evidence to even want
to consider this FACT to be a theory. I haven’t mastered it quite yet, but
i know for a fact i am on the right path, eventually i hope to be able to
change other’s perspective of how to live life by simply sharing the
evidence of my journey.

Mark Ewing says:

Again, thanks for the very kind comments!

LucandKristiesLife says:

@jmwwd coulnt agree this this comment any more… check out my channel and
you will see a vid I just posed which totally agrees with this.

seaofclay says:


FlourishingLight says:

The link to real vacation careers doesn’t work, even if I type it in.

Herdstudio says:

@MarkEwing33 I myself am a very negative person im only 18 now but i do
have a girlfriend and i do have alot of friends so does that mean al my
friends are negative? and how can i change cause people sometimes get mad
at me for being negative.

Akib Khan says:

love to hear your words…

jackrumorz says:

Well, I am a negative person and a lot of people at my office are attracted
to me. That;s it.

pinkfloatingelephant says:

this law of attraction definitely works! i noticed the negative things
tho… cuz i got into a fight with my mom which put me in a bad mood and
then thinking negatively i cut my finger later on and then my daughter
punched me in the eye accidently! lol. Time to try to learn from the Secret
and think more positively! 🙂

kevin godfrey says:

i love your story ,, great vidio,, the law attraction works

Grisell S says:

VERY INSPIRING! Thank you so much for sharing! I just uploaded my 1st Mind
Video and I am so excited and keeping a positive attitude and thoughts, I
can’t wait to start manifesting my goals and dreams and Inspiring others to
acomplish theirs as well 🙂 God bless!

Julie-ann Reid says:

What I mean by a list is,what type of guy I’d like to attract into my
life.Writting down what he would be like, to have a funny
personality,kind,loyal etc…Then to have help from the law of
attraction,to bring that about.

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