98.7% Proven Meditation Technique: 1 Hour Version (Track: Cosmic Serenity)

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“There is no secret here, towards the end of each note you hear (assuming your wearing earphones), upon the heightening of the frequency so too is your centr…



I made the screen move.

UrintheTwilightZone says:

Also use an ad blocker if you want to get proper use out of this.
It’s also a nice “fuck you” to youtube/google.

Mark Mangaliman says:

98.7%…What about the other 1.3%

ryan wardy says:

How am i meant to have positive visions when the whole track sounds like a
firebell or an alarm?? 

t77snapshot says:

I tried this meditation technique (15 min version) for the first time. Sat
in a comfortable chair, placed an eye cover on, plugged in the headphones
and relaxed.

The first experience was images of abstract shapes flashing on the back of
my eyelids. When that passed it followed with the feeling of my pulse
beating through my teeth, kinda like when you have a tooth ache, but with
no pain. After that I became extremely paranoid as if someone was nearby or
was going to enter my room and catch me in a vulnerable state. I tried to
ignore the feeling that someone was watching me, but it became so strong
that I opened my eyes for a moment to look around the room.

I quickly continued once I confirmed it was safe to proceed. My paranoia
slowly faded away, but then my stomach became upset as if I ate something
bad or was very hungry. I lost sense of time, but what felt like forever I
began this sorta awake dreaming state. I saw these two men arguing. One of
the men was accusing me of something and I don’t remember what it was
about. Just quick images of a conflict between us.

Then the audio ended and here I am… slightly confused, but yet left me
pondering many things. I like to think I am healthy young adult, no
illnesses, had a good childhood, work for a living with good friends and
enjoy many hobbies. Maybe there are some locked up emotions that I am not
fully aware of? I don’t know. That was only the 15m session, I wonder how
far I could go. Would you recommend I continue?

Matt Smith says:

Maybe someone could experiment with mixing left and right headphones to see
if they get same vivid scary intense nightmares while sleeping, please send
back a message if this also happens to you.

UrintheTwilightZone says:

To everyone having negative visions: the most important thing to remember
is not to fear them, that will only make them worse. I saw something
negative, when I did I did not fear it, I merely stepped on it’s head and
moved into a higher dimension.
I used it as a “stepping stone” in a sense.

The reason so many have these negative visions is because we live in a
world dominated by fear and you must literally “conquer” your fear.

Matt Smith says:

Wow i realize what went wrong with this for me and having horrible
nightmares. I had my ear buds mixed up and wearing left in right ear and
right in left ear. I had really amazing experiences the first 3-4 times but
last two were very intense and basically nightmares while sleeping. But
maybe having left and right side out of balance so to speak was doing the
opposite of serenity.

Ray Green says:

Hi. Could someone direct me to the directions for using this program? Thank
you. :)

Wade Wilson says:

meh not much changes I can dramaticly feel twice I have listened

Matt Smith says:

Every time i listen to this for the past week now, listening while laying
down to go to sleep. i have had very intense and extremely vivid dreams.
But the last 2 were horrible almost nightmarish.

patr1ck0699 says:

I heard a voice say just do it I was like huh? Then it said I said open
your third eye! Lolz then chills followed but that was it I was kinda
thrown off after that and it’s real early in the morning here like 5:20 am
haven’t slept and prob.not the best time to be testing this cause its hard
to clear my head when I know I should be sleeping haha that was a trip tho

Mira Czarnawska says:

Do not let manipulate your brains! People who meditate do not need any
“frequences” to “stimulate” their brains. Do they?

Salvatore Palumbo says:

i started to listen, and i kept on going for like 35 minutes… not sure
how i feel, it definitely relaxed me, i almost felt asleep… is that

Xyber Shadowwing says:

The 15 minute version was a blast. I was fully conscious entering deeper
and deeper in my mind. Unfortunately 15 minutes were not enough, maybe
because i’m still new at this and got sidetracked by random appearing
images and thoughts. In my opinion this has great replay value.

Garrett Smith says:

It started to give me a headache

leoncubid700 says:

this guys don’t understand about this, TAKE TIME AND GO ON A PROCESS IT’S

heather g says:

Been listening to this for quite sometime now and thanks to this I can see

Evilmonk Allods says:

Hey guys i have a question is it really worth to listen to this?

garbagemx says:

It sounds like somebody be grinding metal sheets all around

یل پما یتلس says:

I still have the three hour version on my ipod. What happened to the video?

Leonardo Lael says:

What if I don’t listen in the earphones?

Ronaldo ALrawahi says:

Numb ._.”!! 

PrAtIbHa RaThOrE says:

I am in the rest 1.3% 😉 :D

Mr Corpsy says:

“Stimulating the pineal gland”, so this sound makes me sleepy?

Daniel swope says:

Subliminal messages

Christina Mare says:

At first it sounded like someone vacuuming and there was a constant ding
ding ding in the background. Then I started to drift off to sleep but was
pulled back by what sounded like a knock at a door and a dog barking. Did
anyone else hear that???

kamienable says:

This sound is soooo annoying! How the **** is it supposed to influence
positively on the mind?! ;/

Bob Clayson says:

What type of waves are being used here? Binaural beats? And what brain
frequency is being induced?

Sergio Berthrand Felizor says:

i’m almost there!!!

mandy joy says:

great vid i had an obe listening t this

John Ellis says:

I’m a little confused here. If light is sound and sound is light wave
particles and light wave particle cause skin cancer when one is exposed
to high frequencies, won’t this be dangerous for those who can’t process
all the light spectrums from the sun?

Matthew Gamez says:

I began having this deep visualization of my traveling into space to
explore the stars unintentionally about 35 minutes in. It really helped me
on self visualization of me and the things around me

callmeviny1 says:

am i suposed to try to think of nothing when i listen to this?? or let my
mind go?? im kinda confused
help would be appreciated

Nix UnBorn says:

About the bad dreams, the pineal glad produces malitonin (I’m not sure how
to spell it), Anyways It’s a chemical the helps us sleep. Also, when it is
received in high doses can induce vivid and often disturbing dreams. So, it
would appear to me that the program is in fact stimulating the pineal gland
as promised which in turn produces a slightly higher amount of said
chemical, which means, for some…. Including myself, intense dreams. But,
I Just try to Listen during the day as opposed to before bed. Either way,
It’s not to really a cause for much alarm. 

TheCojabu says:

I can’t listen to it. It reminds me of my old high school’s fire alarm
system, I hated that sound. It’s starting to give me an annoying headache.

Timothy Terry says:

I get intense dreams but not nightmares, if they’re nightmares then you
maybe you need to reflect on the fears and what they’re trying to tell you

Ana M says:

This popped up when I was looking for music for headaches, or clearing my
third eye. It works! It makes the headache go away :)

Loolytoo says:

Why do my eyes need to be closed?

Jack Dawkins says:

Started with the 15 minute one. Really helps visualize different things
especially if you have a lot on your mind. It’s like dreaming while you are
awake. I started with a headache, but by the end of the 15 minute one it
was gone. :)

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