90:10 The Single Most Important Thing You Can Do For Your Stress

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Houston Methodist says:

Do you get stressed easily? Do you wonder why some people are so affected
by stress while others are not? Check out this clever animated video from
Dr. Mike Evans. – Jason

Calin Biris says:

We create the stress in our brain, so that means we can control it.

S Renee Greene says:

Doesn’t work. Thinking doesn’t change outcomes and outcomes have far more
impact than what one thinks about them.

Tobias Brown says:

Toxic individuals aren’t the cause of stress? It’s all in how we think
about them? That’s very doubtful. Of course, if we think about them and
realize they effect they have on us, we can decide to remove them from our
lives and not interact with him. So, in that sense, it is all in our heads,
yet not in the way this presentation suggests, that is, we can simply
“change our mind” about it. Sorry, there are some objective conditions in
the world the impose stress on us which we can’t change by changing how we
see those things.

HorseGirlb blank says:

10% what happens to you, 90% how you respond…
I gotta remember that one

Georgette Reed says:

Interesting information on stress and how we deal with it

Felix Gates says:

Thinking you,good advice

Erik Lacroix says:

This was really great. I’ve been using mindfulness based therapy and
cognitive behavioural therapy to manage stress for a while now. I would
only add that exercise plus all of this makes it far easier to discipline
your mind, something I’ve found lately.

Sanjin Sanjo says:


Jon Schull says:

Brilliant presentation of interesting research on stress and mindfulness

Dr John Kenworthy says:

Terrific animated video on dealing with stress from Dr Mike Evans using the
90:10 rule

Maxwell T says:

This seems like the grassroots of Buddhism as well, or other Eastern
philosophies where mindfulness came from. Our thoughts and mind determine
suffering, nothing else.

Jordan Felic says:


Mohammed AlSadoon says:

Dear Dr. Mike, your videos are extremely beneficial. I really appreciate
your great efforts for humanity. I want the people who speaks my language
to benefit from your videos. I want to translate it to the Arabic language
if that’s ok with you.

Looking forward for your response :)

juniperlei says:

I need more stress i feel like i never get stressed out about anything
causing me to fail at a lot of things O__O is there anything for this?

Laura Longville says:

Thie video is encouraging and empowering. It’s worth the watch!

Terry Kitchen says:

Thanks doc. that gave me a few things to think about during a rough time.

Vie-tality says:

How changing your attitude and your way of thinking about #stress can help
you manage it better http://ow.ly/pZGdi

Pavlo Ferrum says:


Scwurt says:

This dude’s voice sounds so soothing and relaxed. This must not be a

Cliff Etkins says:

This is one of the more joyful, yet stressful periods of the year, for many
people. If you are among the stressed, you may want to consider some of
the information in this excellent video.

Charles Cooper says:

My god, how simple yet profound. I’m going to watch this thing everyday for
a month to see if I can soak it all in.

StressControl says:

Love the idea of answering the question regarding the one single thing.

Stress is often overwhelming and at the height of stress we need something
clear and simple to avoid getting even more stressed by the solution!

Loved the mind map at 1m 51 showing the perspectives of stress from
different professionals. Especially the idea of reframing stress as
positive in smaller doses.

We’d agree that changing thinking style is key but say that it’s important
to mention that thinking habits might not shift dramatically in 5 minutes.
There may need to be a gradual changing of thinking habits in order to make
it stick.

Overall a superb presentation.

Marianne Crabb says:

I am going to use this to teach my womans group about stress. 🙂 Thank you

Bab Tash says:

thank you very much doctor for these videos


Thank you very much DocMikeEvans. This was an amazing eye opener for me.

Cristina Mogda says:

Keep it simple “10% of how we do in life is based on what happens to us,
90% on how we respond” #stressmanagement 

Gina Par says:

awesome change the way you think.

Robert Molendyk says:

Jean calment, the oldest confirmed person died at 122 years old. Many
described her as ‘immune to stress both mentally and bodily’ and nearly all
people 100 or older share the similar ability to shake off stress.

Bonnie McDonald says:

Thanks for such a fun presentation. I will pass it on!

Nex Ninek says:

Watch this — and other videos by DocMikeEvans — for your health.
#health #stress #DocMikeEvans

Fleora Aten says:

i wish i could draw like this woman…

leena a says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

Maria Kumari says:

Stress Management

Benjamin Yang says:

Good drawing

rimoula72 says:

Terrific video, thank you so much for sharing, off I go to try and
implement it in my life :)

ruth fellner says:

thank you !

Sue Girdler says:

Thanks Dr Mike. Very easy to watch and understand.

Carito SweetFreckles says:

It’s all on YOU :)

Seddie Alibusa says:

This is an amazing presentation, wow!! both in content and method used. How
I wish I could get training in this method of presentation. Someone out
there,please help. I Like it.

emmanuel gyamfi-anson says:

Very Helpful

Ionut Mazilu says:


Anne Buttigieg says:

Stating facts

zo zo says:

this really helps me a lot! thank you so much!

neil slads says:

Fantastic and compelling – I will watch this again and again. Thanks.

Boyd Hao says:

This has become my CBT! :)

Salim Bouziri says:

Interesting content. But I feel like this video tells ” what to do ” and
not ” How to do it “. The second question is usually the big challenge for
the highly stressed people, I would be glad to get more information about
HOW to explore these different steps of Changes in Thinking. Also, although
stressed people might agree that this can be a solution, but not all of
them are motivated to furnish the efforts to do it. This will go back again
to the question, How to Change your Thinking ? 

Gabriel Nunez says:

+juniperlei I think your issue has to do with the standards you establish
for yourself. Anyone can be stress free if they reduce whatever standard is
asked of them to something they can accept. In other words, you may be
opting to avoid things, situations, or goals that require an inordinate
amount of effort. Increase your standards to get to a positive level of
stress the doctor mentioned in the video.

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