8 Hour Deep Sleep Music: Delta Waves, Relaxing Music Sleep, Sleeping Music, Sleep Meditation ☯159

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I find that praying helps me through every situation. Everyone should take
advantage of this gift that we have, the ability to speak & listen to GOD. 

Bez Bez says:

Wtf? I’m tryna go to sleep but these comments are giving me more to read.

Troy Brostrom says:

This really helps me fall asleep while quitting Mary Jane:) thanks! 

Dan Cervone says:

*All the illusions you have of love and oneness will brutally be swept away
if you remain an ignorant, stupid animal and don’t establish the truth
within yourself:*

► Google *”TRUTH CONTEST”* and click the top entry *”The Present”* ◄

Yung Ap says:

Because of this video I never take sleeping pills again, I swear after
about 2 minutes I’m sleeping . Thanks ever so much !!!

Kieren Alden says:

I know no one will give a shit but I’ll share anyway, I had the most
amazing, eye opening dream listening to this, it was indescribable. I have
honestly been awake for an hour (whilst still listening to this) just
contemplating the dream and trying to remember the details but it’s slowly
fading away… It’s so sad. I lived a whole intricate life down to the
smallest detail and in real time (or so it seemed) in this dream and now
it’s gone forever. but it was still an amazing experience that I’ve never
had before, But I hope I don’t have again because its
heart breaking when it’s all over… but I can honestly say that the dream
has opened my eyes to a lot of things and I now feel changed. I know that
probably sounded crazy but that’s how I feel, a real spiritual experience I
just needed to share while I’m still in this mind set. thanks for
listening. Kieren

Cathy Alba says:

Absolutely love this music and find it extremely relaxing. I’ve noticed a
few people mention “dubstep” What is that?

razzytheorca says:

Let’s see what dreams I can get from this. I’m imagining a life in space in
the far future. Drifting through the plains of reality seeing the beauty of
the universe.
Thank you for this amazing track. 

CrimeJail says:

I’m listening to this in my prison cell.

melissa schmidt says:

i have a very hard time sleeping unless its raining out so i looked up
sleep sounds and found this site im so glad i did i dont have problems
getting to sleep or staying a sleep anymore thank you so much

Maryann Zegarra says:

Love this!!! Helps me relax.

YellowBrickCinema says:

Music for Sleep

Our bodies contain an autonomic mechanism that syncs us up with strong
external rhythms, pulses or beats. If we are very busy and stressed it will
mean that we are out of sync with the natural rhythms around us that are
much slower. We need to find ways to teach our bodies to slow down and to
relax and recover. Music with the right rhythm is an ideal way to slow down
our heart rates which will help us to unwind and let go. According to
research done, music pulsed at about 60 beats per minute is ideal for
helping to induce alpha states –the same relaxed state induced by
meditation. Our wish for you is that this sleep video will help you to
relax and drift off to sleep. Enjoy!

david rodriguez says:

Puts me to sleep so fast. 10/10

UniQueLyEviL says:

I appreciate how this video uses dark pictures that don’t illuminate the
room very much,since it’s for sleeping. Thanks for that.

KuroiHato69 says:

This one really knocked me out! Fell asleep within minutes!

Marck Meguid says:

in my spare time for a few days now i have been listening to this fab music
while surfing the net…almost finished listening.

paulsdreamscapes says:


TACpocalypse says:

Please make this available for download somewhere. 

April Lawson says:

Is there an app for this????

Mhlonishwa Ngcamphalala says:

This helps me get really efficient sleep, I wake up feeling like I never
went to sleep and it’s the middle of the day with sunny waether outside
(it’s freezing lol) it’s amazing! :D

Indhira Garcia says:

lawdd, this is amazing for sleep!

Smokewadwinslow says:

Very atmospheric…I like it a lot, very relaxing..

Shannon Davis says:

I fell asleep in 5 mins. Thank you! I’m a big sufferer of insomnia.

Leon M. says:

An app for this would be really appreciated. 

DeeJay Alvarez says:

I am loving this

Cody demonic says:

I had the best sleep thank you!

Maria Raye says:

Thank you for sharing this +YellowBrickCinema 

Anastasia Lynn says:

Thank you for this. I just tried this last night and there was one part
that woke me up during the night, some drastic change in the music, but it
calmed down and I went right back to sleep. Minus that distraction (I have
no idea where in the 8 hours it was) this was very useful and I managed to
stay asleep for almost the entire 8 hours. =)

Sigma9ine says:

For months I’ve been stressed and struggling to relax or get any decent
sleep… Ive used binaural beats in the past, and they never seemed to do
much for me, but I decided to give it a go again. After listening to this
for five minutes I was already completely relaxed and overly comfortable. I
have never felt so calm and peaceful in my entire life than how I do now,
im only 20 minutes in and ive already drifted off into three happy
daydreams. Thank you!

Allie Scott says:

This has done absolute wonders for my sleep lately. Stress and unfortunate
events in my life have caused me to be completely out if whack on terms of
my sleep schedule and this music alters that entirely. I’ve missed my
sleep! Lol ,thank you so much!

TheLegendary100 says:

The beautiful sounds of the world amaze me i really enjoy this music

TalentxYz says:

found this last summer… listen to it EVERY time I surf the web…. puts
me in a different world

John Hemmerich says:

There’s just something about this certain composition that is perfect for
me. It’s just the right tone, intensity, and texture for me. 

Otravez 39 says:

Thank you. So calming, both for the body and the mind, as are all your

Beth Peters Hook says:

Great night’s sleep, thanks…you might want to think about a hyperlink to
your social pages, just saying.

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