66 Self Esteem. music by Paul Collier. affirmations with relaxing music

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Self Esteem by Paul Collier (C) 2010 All rights reserved visit me at http://www.PaulFromStokeUK.com I am the composer and performer of this music, I hope you…


Erin Camacho says:

Pleasant affirmations work beyond what we think, they are able to change
the world and bring us to success.

Jesús B. Fuentes says:

Paul, seriously, thank you for doing what you do. I know you do all this
because you’re actually experiencing yourself in the best way and you want
other people to experience unity, love, compassion and all the good
feelings of life in beautiful ways. I know you’ll read this and feel how
grateful I am for enjoying your work. Stay. 

Hana Adnan says:

This music is Chang my mind. 

Felipe de Souza says:

Awesome musics you always do Paul! Thanks for existing! =)

Manoj Dubey says:

Awesome experience ! Thank you very much for such a treasure….I feel more
deeply involved on using “I” in place of “You”… 

Jen Handasyde says:

I feel like i’m in a cave made of ice crystals… such great music. Thanks.

JapaneseDog1 says:

I can do it…

atwaterpub . says:

I like your positive attitude. Good luck. Thanks,

LuvlyLlama says:

U are becoming the best u can be… 🙂 and i felt so good! First i tought
that this would be real shit but this is amazing!!! Thank u very much Paul,
this is very enjoyable video as the rest of your videos too..! Beautiful
relaxing music 3 🙂

izzysaywhat01 says:

@crudedudeTV same here man 🙂

angel v says:

thank you, you are amazing. i love all music, keep making them, they are
truly a blessing

PinguPrice says:

@PaulFromStokeUK you have achieved the impossible you have made me feel wat
your song title suggests ^_^ ty so much its helped to feel better bout
myself 🙂

eternalincantation says:

it should be: I am a worthy person, i am a special person,no? otherwise the
mind thinks u tell it to someone else…

RGMShaid says:

Life is a gift from GOD, whatever you have whatever you do make sure that
it is for GOD’s GLORY.

JuneNie MyDear says:


arunrad1 says:

Thanks for all your music, Paul – its making hard times easier to bear

Puppette72 says:

anyone know what richieVReesti was saying? O_o

briangpratt says:

I am efficient. I am productive. I am good at spelling. Persistent not
persistant. LOL.

Sebas Alink says:

RIP……. :'(

Vidushi Bundhun says:

Oh my God! Paul, your music is astoundingly beautiful! I chose your
playlist for my healing sessions this morning and I felt really wonderful.
Blessings to you <3

everardoleon1 says:

@99wolfina you are right thanks to our mothers and fathers we are born life
is the BEST gist ever in the world so make sure u give your family a great
big thanks

angel v says:

every time in my life that i have cryed its been out of saddness , i havent
been truly happy sence the incident i 2005 that made me lose my father at
the age of 8, the one person that always made me happy was gone. forever
… i still miss him, i always will. even though i still had a mother…
its not the same, she has never understood me like he did, no one has.

Andreas1995ray says:


SuperMt71 says:

such strengthening words and beautiful music, up lifted my spirits. Thank

Jeannine Azazel Hilles says:

thankyou so much this as so beautiful i cried so hard at the end 🙂

leeelieooo says:

this actually gave me goose bumps, in a good way! 😀 thanx for all the
amazing music! <3

ossiorn says:

@Radickal330 I’m sorry to hear that.Don’t lose hope.I know it sounds
strange but if you can forgive your father it will help. I grew up with
domestic violence too.I know I have no right to tell anybody what to do in
their lives,but I would suggest doing yogic meditation to center yourself
and find peace and then to write down a detailed plan for your life and to
see yourself in your mind living that way through the power of
visualization followed by action. new life for yourself by Ima

happywheelsam says:

i found this song very dark and depressing

Kerri Bencich says:

How we all need to learn HOW TO RELAX!!!! Let’s practice until we all get
there! Thanks Paul

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