500 Positive Affirmations – The Secret to Positive Thinking

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David McGraw says:

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Luc Ethier says:

Hey, David Thanks for helping people change their lives. I’m very excited
to have purchased your products!

Girls Johnson says:

I listened to this before a audition. I was filled with confidence. 

Danica Premovic says:

Does it have the same effect if english is not my first language? I
understand everything,just not sure if it matters or not

xtrem bodybuilding says:

Nice words! I suggesting to listen this just right before you fall a sleep
lay down, Bruce Lipton recommended and also he said that’s the time when
the subconsciousness is a wake and listening :)

BB Golds says:

This is my absolute favorite. I listened to it yesterday for the first time
before a job interview. I got it. I should have done this long ago I was
dragging negative energy with me…..

sicko115 says:

Out of curiosity, can I listen to this affirmations while sleeping?

Kevin Allen says:

David your an awesome dude! Your affirmations are simply the best.

paola tonel says:

I just listen to your video and I love it !!!!! Beautiful soothing voice,
the background so relaxing !!! Cannot wait to listen to it tonight afer
work 🙂 Thank you !!!!

101DaExclusive says:

this was grreat

William Clay says:

Mr. McGraw. Thank you for sharing this powerful litany of positive
affirmations. Not only did your recording generate a refreshing optimism,
but it regenerated for me many of my own positive aspirations, hopes and
dreams. We hope you keep up the great contribution you’re making, and
expect to see the helpful results of your shining example everywhere.

Constanza Blondet says:

Excellent affirmations. Beautiful voice. Nice music and wonderful to hear
the waves. Feeling grateful to have this resource and very complete set of
affirmations!!!! Thank you for this gift. Looking forward to listening to
it often.

Ahari Salal says:

I just started to listen to various meditation music and affirmations, I
like the tone of your voice and I play it along with some Reiki for energy
or with a little Theta, Alpha or Binaural in the back ground, and I have
found that I don’t need to take my medication as often, and that my mod is
better, my ADHD does not seem as bad and I have been getting better grades
in all my classes. I can feel when I am tense and when I am relax.I plan to
take time to draw me a routine to use for various situations that may
happen in my life. I am loving being free from medication and knowing that
my body and mind is in control of its own. Thank you greatly.

Mandy M says:

Beautiful voice and words. Thank you!

satya narayana says:

Great talk! Thanks for sharing this video

I was always feeling poor and I did not know the reasons!
My mom, said me one thing, just offer thanks to all the blessing you
receieved for just 5 days.
I did that and I started feeling good and positive!

I went on to express gratitude everday in all fields using “Thanks A Lot”
mobile app by hanumappa
and just in 21 days, I feel Rich and I cant believe my own eyes.

Trish Mccarty says:

Check out this video on YouTube:


I love this! Thank you David.

Draia Fitz says:

+Hyena Jones 

luis sanchez says:

Gracias, esto es increíble !

Buzzedoffbeauty says:

I’ve Ben listening to this for a year off and on and I still love this like
day one! Me, God, and Mr. McGraw. Yep! 

Rachelle Spychala says:
Terri Cummings says:

Great recording it really helped me feel better today,thank you David

connie sanchez says:


Andrea Mayer says:

Wonderful…thank you…:)

lena lauruc says:

Blessings David! sexy voice :)

m.poornima kumari says:

beautiful words

aven snow says:

Thank you so much. This is so great, when I was envisioning the happiest
moment in the beginning, I closed my eyes and was overwhelmed by a bright
white light, it was so powerful and wondrous. I intently envisioned your
words and after 10 minutes of the video started tearing up, because I
realized the reason my goals are not being met is because I am not happy
with myself. And I should be proud and happy with my life.

Thank you for this. I hope I can forgive myself for the past, and move on.

Jenna Britton says:

I spend hours making myself affirmations and then i record them to listen
to at night and i have to say that i am impressed and delighted to hear
some really cool positive ones that youve came up with.This video is now
part of my morning routine.So cool to find others that are interested in
the same thing.I did get my husband to make one with me though . . .it’s a
work in progress! I almost feel like if i don’t listen to these daily then
i get lost and lose my concentration, like a mild form of a.d.d. or
something lol.Everytime i go a few days or even a week without listening to
these things i always regret it because i can see a dramatic differance in
the choices that i make during that time . . . there is no doiubt that my
performance level increases dramatically when adding this to my life.
Also here’s another fun one . . . while trying to wake up in the
mornings, i blare this with my coffee for twenty minutes so i dont go back
to sleep and it works, kind of important if you have important things that
you need to tend to that morning . . .Virtual Coffee – 40Hz Isochronic
Gamma Frequency – WAKE UP!!!


vineet jindal says:

Great affirmations I listen to it twice everyday before going to bed and
after waking up.
It has brought amazing results

Christal Perez says:

I’ve been doing this for two weeks already and have noticed a MASSIVE
difference. Thank you 🙂 Im so much more patient and nicer to myself now.

Jenny Spain says:

I absolutely love this stuff!! Thank you 

Joan Brooks says:

Positive affirmations by McGraw is powerful thanks for sharing

milagros roman says:

I want to thank you so much,I’m sure your tired of hearing what a beautiful
and soothing voice you have!But it is so true ,I found this when I most
needed it! My life had fell apart,was suicidal ,lost my marriage,home,job
and my 2 youngest children were turned against me.I felt I had nothing left
to live for and was tired of struggling! Listening to you gave me hope and
faith again and for that I thank you!!! May God bless you a million times.

Willer my says:

This is awesome ! thank you very much 

sunnyrosa says:

Very powerful tool, well balanced messages. Thank you!

Nyah Bishop says:

Thank you David. You deserve it.

David McGraw says:
Chev.C says:

These affirmations are amazing, perfect-thank you for creating this! Where
can I purchase this for download?

Girls Johnson says:

So relaxing! I love this. Thanks Mr. David Mcgraw! 

Dinavalerie11 says:


zipporahreshel says:

such a great resource for a life changing experience..thank you

Tillman White says:

I honor you Namaste. Your gift has changed my life instantly…..thank you
for being a vessel of restoration & life.

Elizabeth's Life & Style says:

Thank you so much I feel great really ; )

sunnyrosa says:

Very powerful tool, well balanced messages. Thank you!

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