400+ Powerfully Positive Affirmations

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http://bit.ly/Unleash-Your-Life-Book – Enjoy over 400 powerfully positive affirmations by Bernadette Logue of Pinch Me Living, designed to shift your beliefs…


Wee Katz says:

I treat others as i would like to be treated. :)

Michelle Jewell says:

Thank you so much for this gift of words and love. It’s a dab effort to
share with others.

David Mendoza says:

I saw a homeless man on the street, and the words of these affirmations
came to mind. I saw an opportunity and I acted on it. I brought him a plate
of food, and let me tell you looking into his eyes… time slowed down…
and i could feel his humanity flowing through him as it does through me…
it was amazing… 

Carolina Hicks says:

*If you guys haven’t read “The Present”*
*at TruthContest○com,* take a look at it.

It changed my life *completely* for the positive! ♥

Maria Raye says:

I express my opinions more freely, that’s the biggest change I’ve noticed.
Thank you 

soldier1661 says:

Really appreciate this. Thank you! 

Maria Raye says:

Just two days and I feel a massive difference. Thank you so much! 

Arleen Medina says:

I have been listening for 4 days straight… Last night I fell asleep
listening to this… I woke up feeling energetic, happy, joking, smiling. I
feel much more full of life. When I first heard this I was crying. I don’t
feel that way. I love the overlapping!!

Beryl Arianne says:

This is wonderful. I can already feel myself becoming more positive and
motivated to follow my passions. I’ll definitely be checking out your
website! Thank you so much for sharing this.

The Grimm says:

Great video! Gives me the same uplifting feeling as from chakra meditation
feeling the light uplifting my soul. Much appriciated, namaste. 

K. King says:

I have listened to this for weeks and then I heard it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
“GOD” given talents. Loved the taking of universe and forces, etc, but
then I had to hear that word. God has nothing to do with it if you are one
with the universe. So long Pinch Me.

Ayla Tuncer says:

I love myself unconditionally. I love humanity unconditionally. I am one
with life.

Vikki Gardner says:

I no longer feel ashamed of being sensitive. I thank you for that (: 

Ken Lenoir says:

Hey that is an awesome video! I enjoyed it fully. I’m looking forward to
seeing even better stuff.

Del'sean Sims says:

I want to thank u for the bottom of my heart for sharing your video in

Thomas Mauer says:

I don’t like the overlapping style, but your video is awesome anyway. Thx a

JotaEfe71 says:

I simply love it!! Makes me feel secure and loved by myself. Makes me feel
powerful. Thank you so much for sharing! Blessings for you. 

Kiki Falconer says:

<3 thank you for your gift 

Nicky Lee says:

Am i the only one who gets the creeps from the echoes of her voice?

Nicholas Luhmann says:

Praise Be to Jesus Christ!

Jack Farley says:

I really needed this today as it was a typical Monday at work, traffic and
personal life. thank you for the video

Dave Stowell says:

Been promoted from kitchen porter to chef now and have given up smoking
started learning to drive im now in controll of my gambling so much has
happend for the better since i started to listen to this video twice daily
im happy as larry! LIving my life for me rather than seeking validation
from everyone thankyou so much for all your content i must buy unleash your
life xx

James Elmore says:

This is wonderful, thank you for these perfect statements! Every blessing!

Deepinder Singh says:

Amazing. I was feeling down due to some events that occurred last week.
This was totally up lifting. Thank you Bernadette. I know creating
something like this takes a lot of effort and work.

Thank you for putting this effort in. You are helping people all around the
world. God bless you.

Del'sean Sims says:

This is awesome. I feel positive and confident when I listen to this and
open the door to my heart. So that make me more positive person to see the
good in myself and others and have fun more. 

Linda Keith Anderson says:

I love these affirmations and am so glad I found your video! I feel better
already and am committed to listening to this every morning. Thank you!

Tahnya Spirit says:

I usually listen twice or more daily. Thank you, I have noticed a
significant change in my thought patterns. PEACE & INFINITE LIGHT

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