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freedomfyter says:

Wow Paul you are a hero to me just for making this audio. People like you
who are so positive and do great things for mankind are one for the ages.
Thanks a mill!

Tachouz says:

The weirdest thing happened. It is kinda difficult to explain. I fell
asleep listening to this, and at some point I felt like I was awake lying
in my bed and watching that second version of me that had taken control and
I had no power at all over anything. I tried to struggle to get my control
back but this second version was totally running the show and overpowering
me. It felt VERY real. I must admit it was a little scary. I went to bed
feeling really powerful and in control and woke up feeling the opposite. I
guess it doesn’t work that good for me. Paul do you by any chance have any
idea what could have happened?

Joseph Easley says:

Whoo! I love the passion and energy! Thanks for this great value, Paul! :D

aishah striggles says:

I AM one with this universe……This universe is my school I am student
and teacher.

Rufina Covell says:

I felt good when i hear it But woke up and feeel so ungry ,!Why?

Tania Wells says:

Had a rough moment and had to come back to my favorite vid to pick me up!

Jemife Lamange says:

Awesome. Thank you sir. 

maureen buchser says:

Thank you so much for your audios. .my thinking has changed significantly
since watching them. I am feeling better and better every day. The Law of
Attraction works and I’m spreading the news!! God bless you for sharing
these life changing audios!!

chili5525 says:

Today is my Birthday, and for some reason today, it touched me emotionally.
I do have amazing friends, and the law of attraction brought me to these
meditations. Thankyou for sharing your creativity, and inspirations.

Claudette Esterine says:

WOW! This is amazing! Thank you so much. I have listened to others but none
has ever had the impact as yours did. It is power-filled and actually moved
me to tears at one point as the positive affirmations seeped into my mind.
Thank you, thank you, thank you. Namaste

55dbau says:

Awesome !

Bids Prices says:

I feel really great!

Wolfgang S says:

One senses the eternal love with which this masterpiece was created.
Beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing with us Paul.

Sara Jafi says:

Paul, you re the BEST! Much love to you, my friend!

ChicagoMeditationDude says:


Kena Lambert says:

My dream is my MOVIE?!!?! LOL, I am writing a movie….My dream IS to get
it to Hollywood. I have what it takes :)

Anushka Kumar says:

You helped me so much thank you so much :)

RevoX0X says:

This is wonderful. Myself concious is expanding every day by listening to
Thank you so much Paul.
You are rock!

devon marquez says:

continuoes nonstop wonderfullllll uplifting sensational feelings throughout
the entire meditation!! thank you so much, easily a favorite of mine

Freddy Espinoza says:

Excellent recording, powerful delivery, extraordinary effects!

Grace Nguyen says:

Holy guacamole!!! This is beyond wonderful @.@ Thank you so much for making
this AMAZING video 🙂 Much Love!!

Davie Ashworth says:

Paul Santisi,
I hate to bring about sentiment; But I was listening to this the past
night, and to my surprise I had tears forming in my eyes. It’s so strange
to hear such positive things about oneself when you’re always in a battle
with yourself. Thank you so much!

C Fields says:

Feels like some kind of high or like I’m going crazy!!

maha lharoui says:

Thank you very much for this,I’ve been listening to it frequently and my
sub-conscious started creating situations where I actually become all these
things in this audio. In one week I experienced a turning point in my
personality. Truly, thank you. 

jacqueline pownall says:

loved it loved it ! thankyou x

Anil Nembang says:

Thank you Paul.

Ingrid Sanford says:

Thank you Paul! this gift you have given to all of us is priceless.I send
to you all the love and blessings. Awesome sounds!!!I feel so loved

Stephanie Butler says:

This made me laugh! Thanx for the happying!

Brittany Titus says:

I wanna say thank you so much for what u do for us… I love being light..
I’m an Earth Angel and so r u.. Ur work is amazing.. never ever stop Becuz
u help more than u think/know u do… and the 3D effects to this was
awesome.. it was like u were all.over my room. . Talkin like an.Angel..
once again thank u..and the repeat button does get pushed…lol.. MUCH LOVE
<3 .... please do more 3D... it just takes me to another world. .if ya know
what I mean... Ur such a kind soul with very strong angel wings... never
stop..never.. we r as one: )!

Casey Bourne says:

Thanks again Paul! GOD BLESS!!! Also Merry Christmas to all my everyone
spread LOVE around the world!!!

Vince Brown says:

The most powerful affirmation of positive thoughts and dreams are heard in
this free meditation video. It’s about finding the right vibration in Gods
love in his created universe.

IIcoolbeans420II says:

did anybody else think that that was fuckin intease my god do this is
absolutely incredible flow through with without judgeing the vocie or
yourself… porps dude this is amazing

5784Eva says:

this is very long

Maria Medley says:

Strong Positive and Inspirational !! You do create your own luck! It make
you feel good about yourself. It let’s you know that you matter. I AM A
Winner! Believe In Who You Are. !! 

Nisaa R says:

This was one of the best experiences of my life. Thank you so much for

yankeegurl1964 says:

I love this so much..my whole life I grew up with so much negative emotions
and people that we’re negative mostly wasnt their fault I know that
now..but I can’t get through this whole thing without passing out..I feel
so relaxed and after I feel so much emotion so much love and tenderness I
cry I sleep ..I wake up and its over ..but I love it. My life has been
amazing since my awakening in may 2013 ..already things are turning being
guided to hear your audio is just so much to feel blessed..and since I have
had nothing in my life in the past 2 years except my daughter and family
sis mom brother kids I can not tell you how gratful I am for this to be on
YouTube and free ..thank you Namaste ♡

james mark says:

you are Amazing ! ! !

Cheryle Hargett says:

So I just ended my house party with this…they’er all asleep on my
couches! lol!

Elle Piri says:

OMG I’m in love with it… it feels so good! Thank you!

RedStorm says:

is there any meditation that i connect to my subconscious, so i could
regain my abilities and and memory back. thank you paul

lee morant says:

Love it super powerful … 

Mindy Kendall says:

This is amazing. I felt a change after one meditation! Thank you, Paul. You
are the best! xo

Jay Ramlochun says:

Thank you so much for this, very grateful you’ve created this :-)

Alison Martin says:

love it

IamDpower says:

Share what you have or serve however you can and You are the winner Paul!

Jody Harris says:

I feel amazing !!!! Thank you Paul, I will be listening to this every night
until I master I AM !!!! I honestly do not believe it will take very long
🙂 Again Thank You ! Many Blessings ~ Jody Harris

Michelle Skoluda says:

amazing meditations

Brianna Moonstarr says:

Self-Esteem boosting and fun to chill out on, USE HEADPHONES

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