3 HOURS The Best Relaxing Music Ever | Ocean | Flute | Piano | – Background Healing Sleep Music

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Get 3 hours of relax with this romantic instrumental music composition and calming ocean waves on background For more relaxation and meditation music please …


Meditation Relax Music says:

Get 3 hours of relax with this romantic instrumental music composition and
calming ocean waves on background
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Maurice Moutoux says:

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Ben NCM says:

this music is shit

Leonardo Damian Pavoni says:

Todo es posible, para aquel que cree y confía.


琪 琪 says:

3 HOURS The Best Relaxing Music Ever | Ocean | Fl…:

Pedro Gabriel Silva Rodrigues says:
Marica Opačić says:

thk for this song

Meditation Relax Music says:

#relax #relaxation #musicvideo #flute #piano #long
#instrumental #background #calm #soothing

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Kasper Infiniteuniverse says:

This is not relaxing. This is sad for fuck sake! I need something relaxing.

Intissar Zoghlami says:

3 HOURS The Best Relaxing Music Ever | Ocean | Fl… : http://youtu.be/
bonsoir a touuus 

Toella Cabeja says:

Is this the music they play at Dignitas ? Goodbye cruel

Işıl Burgaç says:

So beautiful.Congratulations, very nice a music

Rarunn mananna says:

เพราะๆ…ยามเย็นๆครับผม…ทานข้าว มื้อเย็น ให้

Alaettin Şahin says:

Hayat biriktirilen bir olgu değil, o hep bir şimdidir. Aslında insan hep
bir şimdidir öncesi ve sonrası anımsanan ve hayal edilendir.. müzik
şimdiye kendi ruhunu taşıyor. Başka bir söyleyişle içinde dingin bir
şekilde akıp gittiğimiz bir nehre dönüşüyor… 

Hamid Fathi says:

When one door closes we must trust that God will open a new, better door!

Vgm. 0312 says:

+Chinatsu Yoshikawa chillaxing music for u. Sleep tight.

3 HOURS The Best Relaxing Music Ever | Ocean | Fl…:

Dr. Christine Rice Slocumb says:

This is so relaxing. I know It’s long, so, listen a while then come back
and listen some more. 🙂 Remember this page is created to uplift. heal,
and encourage while “Keeping It Real’ as you go through your journey.
Remember, you are welcome to leave comments or respond with what may be on
your heart. Have an awesome day and night! ~ Dr. Christine Rice Slocumb

Amy Ng says:

This is amazing, but when I was halfway through the music, this guy from an
advert scared me half to death. Is there a way to get rid of the music? I’m
glad I wasn’t sleeping. I was trying to finish my 5000 word essay.

Swarani Bhattacharjee says:

When I’m Over Stressed I Just Love To Float With This Tune …
When Time Comes For To Shut Down … I Listen To This Tune ….
When I Feel To Cry Aloud Under The Big Sky … I Just Tune IN to This
Ever-chanting Soul Touching De- Stressing Melody ….
When Everything Around Me Seems To End, I Just Tune To This Superb Tune &
Forgets Everything For Long Some Hours …..
This Soul Touching Soothing Sensitive Tune Brings Back LIFE To Me ….
This Mesmerizing FLUTE TUNE Wipes All My Salty My Tears…..
This Life Saving Music Works Like True THERAPY For Me To Live Afresh In
This Mundane World For More Some Years …..

elizabeth ghoul aeias says:

الاسترخاء هو جميل في يوم مزدحم

Matthew Garcia says:

People ask me why I’m so smart, I tell them to listen to this while
studying, they tell me that it works

Alberto Mora says:

es una musica muy espesial

Shio the Goat says:

Does anyone know how many of these songs were written by Justin Bieber??

April Wolfie says:

I love this, I listen to it when I play minecraft LOL

Brenda I says:

Warning!!! A few minutes into this Very Beautiful music, a loud male voice
boomed in advertising Dodge Ram trucks! and scared me almost to death!!!
I’m serious!! After that it was hard to listen and relax, not knowing if I
would be jolted like that again. Maybe this is how this gets sponsored,
bust wow! what a jolt and deal breaker. No way to meditate and relax with
this in the mix!! Sad because is is quite beautiful……..

mirba equiclicker says:

it would be amazingly perfect for working if there weren’t the stupid ads
making me jump out of my skin every 20 minutes

Juan Gaytan says:


Bailey Jo says:

WTHeck????? This used to be one of my fav. meditation, relaxation, calming
tunes so why ruin it by putting commercials in it every 20 mins. which
breaks your focus, interrupts your relaxation & sense of calmness and even
wakes you up out of a good sleep? Who does that in the middle of music
meant for this purpose? Sorry but adds & commercials arent going to cut it
for me & I will have to go find something less disruptive 🙁 I am

Josie Edwards says:

OMG this music is so perfect while doing my homework. It keeps me in the
zone and blocks out any other noise – thank you! 🙂 keep posting pls.

jeisson seminario says:

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Anna Wells says:

Where can I download this? 

teresa kraus says:

this music sucks ass this is crap fuck this shity ass music

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