3 HOURS Relaxing Music with Water Sounds Meditation

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Relaxing Music with Water Sounds Meditation


Rosa Mar says:


thessa B. says:

perfect relaxation!

Amenda Vang says:

Thanks so much because like I saw a beetle almost coming toward my window
and I was like oh shoot so I close the window by sliding it and my pinky
got in the way and I squashed it then I just started to sound like I was
having surgery but I was just a but more quiet saying oh god it hurts so
bad then my older sister gave me a bag of ice and I listen to this music
for 8 min then I feel a lot better plus it was at night.

Black Death 1347 says:

Reading the exquisite Oscar Wilde to this. Sometimes, life is sweet.

Rexsy Advexsys says:

*”The Dharma is the truth that all natures are pure.”*

~ Bodhidharma

Dru Morgan says:

Another good relaxing track. Except the water sounds are making me have to

Makayla Campbell says:

I’m crying ;A; ;o; ;-;

Sherry Zhang says:

Like if you needed to go pee in the first thirty minutes

Kintail malindi says:

3 HOURS Relaxing Music with Water Sounds Meditati…:

Malgorzata Podolecka says:

My stress gone.
Thank you

william mccanless says:

Sounds like somebody is peeing. 

Danel Rivas says:

The sounds are so relaxing 

hinde64 says:


I'm the doctor, basically, run. says:

Man I need to pee.

Aimee Burrows says:

Thanks! I really needed this. I think I am having anxiety, since my chest
feels tight for about 30minutes now! I am trying to distract myself with
some calming music! I am scared! Thanks for this though!

Mundie R. says:

days later* wait… what was i saying?

Lofaszbandy says:

So eloquent. Beautiful.

Mike-Ajda Bach says:

Thanks for the combination of pianno and sound of water. We love it!

Kirsten Johnson says:

Peace of mind… ;)

George Ibrahim says:

amazingly beautiful.

Eva DJ says:

i nearly fell asleep on the chair because of the wonderful music.

Karen Flowers says:

Love your posts they all serve their purposes.

Yukon Hanako Hoang says:

google “truthcontest” and click on THE PRESENT

Rexsy Advexsys says:

*Zen Music*

Fátima Pais says:

Maravilhoso relax….

Theresa D says:

Very nice, thank you!

EliamJC says:


Bernadette Falcone says:

Feel the beauty of nature..Relax …

Brenda Williams says:

I love the sounds thank you so much for posting

Mironica Emilia says:

Thank you TheHonestGuys! <3

Ingrisima says:

amazing !!

Mads Nielsen says:

Ahhh i love the surround Water with my good headset. Feels like i’m in a
Water stream. Soo relaxing. Thanks for posting! :D

Dumbledoresarmy13 says:

This is so peaceful to study with — OH GOD I GOTTA PEE

*later* Okay. Now I can study in peace.

Nevenka Lazarević says:

This is so beautiful music

Almantas Vainauskas says:

I believe there are some circumstantial support for the fact that,
meditating music is nearly as good, in terms of brain relaxation and
‘re-boot’, as the sleep itself. 

Goldcobra AJ says:

This is truly beautiful… It awakens the good feelings I can’t describe
within me and relaxes my heart and soul. 🙂

Thank you for this gift to my mind.

Grecia orozco says:

que rico! …..concentración! …pero no te duermas peque lepi +Leslibeth O

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