200 ★POWERFUL★ Abundance Affirmations & Images #1 – Wealth Prosperity Cash Law of Attraction Money

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These Amazing Wealth Affirmations Will Change Your Life and Finances!! Use the Law of Attraction to Draw Abundance, Wealth, Riches, Success, Money, and Prosperity into Your Life !! Like A…


Danny Lewington says:

This is a great video & audio listen to everyday and get focused for 2015..

Robert Spiller says:

I must admit…I like this one…I’m going to listen to this one for the
rest of April, and see what happens. I remember one person saying that on
another video, she listened to a video for 8 hours and the results was
amazing….like money…..like great results in the 10’s of thousands of
dollars. So lets see how good this one is. Anyone want to join me
Google+ me. Masterminds are powerful

Piotr Bojda says:

Yes great video ,,,,,,, and I know big Change come into to my life Now ,
Wealth , Riches , Money , Success , Love and my dreams ,,,,,,,, good luck
to every one ,,,,,, we need to just start believe our self ,,,,,,, every
thing are possibly ,,,,,, :)

John Lyons says:

combine this with NLP in person sessions where the deep subconscious is
repatterned. Get the weeds out of the garden and plant new flowers like
these affirmations!

Victor Adaramola says:

I love this affirmation, and many thanks for this great work.

MrFourkinghell says:

railpro- you numbskull!

I am a huge pile of cash, and I love it.

Byron Pink says:

Very nice flow! It feels natural and great and causes a vibrational
currency that draws in the paper currency. Money is a current and that good
feeling helps the current to flow in my direction and it’s directed to
those who can feel the wealth, health and joy! “Oh t’was the flow of the
river of abundance!”
Lord Byron next generation….

rthelionheart says:

So long as it doesn’t suggest to sell one’s soul to the devil I am open to

Todd Sloan says:

I realize I can help others 04:08 with my wealth so I stay wealthy? Really?
That is what the republican presidential candidate said in 2012…?

violetncurls says:

Great wealth is flowing to me now!!!

tcela1 says:

Think it, say it, become it. Works for me.

Mary Vasaikar says:

Thank you for uploading this wonderful Abundance Affirmations Video.
Simply Awesome. Thank you. 

snakebitmgee says:

I think that someone should make one of these videos show money flowing
towards the viewer in a hypnotic way. Sometimes they can show a human
standing on the screen, with money flowing into his body. The chest of this
person would be lit up with a bright light, and the money could flow into
the light. They should add binaural tones underneath beautiful, relaxing
music. I think that that would be the perfect combination for the optimal
experience. I wish I knew how to do this. I could make the best Money
Attracting video that anyone has ever seen.

lightdark00 says:

Every time I accidentally start watching this video, out of nowhere I have
to poop so badly. Just normal poop, what does it mean??

Grace Divine says:

I want to be prosperous , and I will have more than I need,,,,, I hate the
God loves his children to be prosperous. Jesus loves his children being
taken care off. I don’t need to be evil to be rich, I am honest and I am
prosperous, and I love Jesus.,

8val kera8 says:

Great positive affirmations for life. 

Gina G says:

The BEST Abundance Affirmations ever, on Youtube, check it out!
200 ★POWERFUL★ Abundance Affirmations & Images #1 – Wealth Prosperity Cash
Law of Attraction Money

Armando Calderón says:

Great, believed.

ViralTNTeam says:

Great list of affirmations. Telling yourself that you are something
positive on a daily basis is one of the keys to unlocking the magic of the
Universe. What is your favorite affirmation or do you have several?

jerry henrie says:

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in paperback and kindle. This sector is the perfect way to turn small
investments in great wealth. The trick is to invest with the shipping rate

Rev. Susan Ong says:

Attractions will brings us happiness and prosperity in life and I give
Thanks to our Universal God

Loot Smith says:

I am prosperity,wealth and abundance.

Alec Jones says:

Great but I’m still skint 🙂

Dee Boyd says:

Please check this out if you would like to make additional income from home

themusallone says:

Nice kvasi wisdom! Like money matters. Spare me your hypocrite bullshit!!
Asshole! Heres a affirmation for ya, “im a fucking asshat”. Repeat until
you get it..

April Dawn says:

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