2 Hours Sleep Hypnosis Procrastination Problem Solving Skill Enhancement Dreams Come True

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This will help you get ready, set, and go to the finish line feeling like a winner. We have procrastination so get around to doing it, problem solving to dis…


Regina Sartore says:

god all the ignorant and childish comments! no wonder the world is the way
it is right now, chaos. it is cause it is full of these moronic people!
Anyway, Jody, I am a big fan and I tell you, I can’t fall asleep without
listening to your videos. I do a different one every night! Thank you so
much, for your selflessness. Thank you for caring. Thank you for being
there for those of us who have little problems with our inner selves.

HeyItsRye says:

I’m guna need you to talk sexier

John Beck says:

lookin good for 50 jodi!!!

Samuel Bustamante says:

You truly are an amazing person! This is amazing

Dawn Jones says:

I AAAAM RELAXED FFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4444jonn says:

Where is the redhead everyone is talking about lol

Jennica Vezie says:

1 kiss your hand 2 repost this on another video 3 look under you pillow
there will be a suprise

Johnny Blaze says:

This music sounds like it was performed by a drunk two year old on a church
organ. Poster should do less videos well instead of spamming YouTube with a
bunch of mediocre recordings. Wow. I’ve been procrastinating about saying
this. Guess it worked. 

Josh Casey says:

pushy pushy! telling me what to do. telling me to relax you relax!

Gavin Bristow says:

Gave me horrible nightmares!

no good says:

I came here last night to get hypnotized into falling asleep, but I thought
the girl in the picture was kinda hot so I went to watch milf porn on
xhamster instead.

Ricardo Maldonado says:

Thank you, about to listen to this through a 2hrs surgery, perfect timing
with the audio.

maryosgambler1 says:

Hy, I am from Romania and I am maybe your bigest fan!!! Since I discovered
you here on youtube my life change, is great after your 2,3 hour hypnosis!
You have, I think, a voice perfect for this! I have a problem with my
health, epilepsy… It is bad for me to hypnotize my self with this videos,
or 3d sound hypnosis??? Are there any way that you can HELP ME??? 

Sara Jafi says:

Thank you for taking the time to do this!!

Karen Meyrick says:


Erika Purdon says:

Thank you

Vincent Lann says:

Thanks Jody for thus amazing video!! 

Amazinggrace689 says:
StarCandyTv says:


AbdoulieSaidy Saidy says:

Omg dat redhead doh she lookin fine she looking fit I wanna f*** her up

55dbau says:

I really like your videos

Just A Sofa says:

Jody, thank you so much! I listened to the two hour video for depression
two nights ago and absolutely loved it; I fell asleep after about 30min,
slept through the night and woke up refreshed, which for me is a big deal!
This one however gave me horrible nightmares.. I think..I don’t know if
they’re related, this tape and my nightmares, but it sure felt like it:P
Anyone else experience this? 

Richard Howard says:


Thane Young says:

thank you. this is helping.

Nancy Kerr says:

You are a God Send! I have been really struggling, and I feel like I am
getting my power back. Thanks so much!!!!!!!

Jody Whiteley says:
anon ymous says:

Pretty badass shit right here.

Terry Gascay says:

Jody, I like this, as I am a procrastinator. Hope it helps. Meanwhile, I’ve
been listening to many of your videos. Your voice is superbly calming as a
sleep hypnotist. The videos are looking better now, too! Your daughter’s
help? Many thanx to you, from this insomniac

Chardo Chickentimber says:

OK thank you so much… I listen to your videos every night. 🙂

Cillendor Edenion says:

I procrastinate on going to sleep. T_T

WW says:

You know on that note..the human being is the only creature that DOESN”T
take that long winter hibernation..I think it is so important to have that
time of minimal social activity and the down time to go within and dream
new dreams..I think that’s what the trees do dream of fantastic foliage in
the year to come as they intertwine their roots in the warmth of the soil
in an arctic blast and whisper sweet nothings to one another…hmmmm

Victoria Gonzalez says:

hi jody, can you do a sleep hypnosis for nervousness, and dizziness or
something that will help me to not worry about school over night. thank you

WW says:

Lovely Jodie thanks again..I think I should just turn on all your videos
and float thru the winter and be reborn next Spring…hey I may just do
that! well darn it bills to pay and basic life…oh well nice thought! xox

FernestHall says:

Your other videos are great, but the right hand speaker sound of this one
is terrible and i cant listen to this with headphones for more than 3

Branden Hershberger says:

Slowly making my way through all of these videos one night at a time.
Definitely one of my favorites right here. although the “go make me a
sandwich” line from one of the lucid dreaming videos still ranks as a
favorite moment.

Jody Whiteley says:

How wonderfully poetic. Such a beautiful picture. I go into semi
hibernation in the winter. Point of interest. I get far fewer views in the
winter. I think it’s because I’m not the only one who likes to snooze away
the winter. Rest well Wendy.

Chardo Chickentimber says:

I love your videos… the music on this one sounded like an alarm @ 1:00:05
and woke me up. Swirling Spa music has a better effect for me, but I don’t
want to sound like a complainer. Your videos are the best… I’ll just
choose another one in the future. The subject matter of procrastination is
a good one… lol =:)

Jody Whiteley says:

How wonderful! I can’t think of anything more fun to dream about. 🙂

crazypl0x says:

Why is your voice so soothing? What that shit? Lol 😀

Missyplaymate3 says:

Thank you

Allyria04 says:

Thank you for consistently creating quality content that helps me, my
fiancé and many others I am sure.

Jody Whiteley says:

That is my real voice. LOL.

Jody Whiteley says:

If you like the sleep hypnosis for procrastination that is the first hour
of this recording search “Sleep Hypnosis for Procrastination (new version)”
On this version there are no wind chimes or bells around the one hour

delgwando says:

Jody you are a miracle worker. Thank you!

leftysrightwich says:

Procrastination has,been a problem for me the last 6 months….glad to see
this posted and will be trying it out tonight….

Jody Whiteley says:

Thanks aviera. I am very flattered. She is my daughter. I will pass the
compliment along. 🙂

Tom Brady says:

Hi Jody. You had this labeled with skill enhancement. I hope when I listen
to this that my pool game will improve and I can beat my uncle like a
professional. I know you got to listen more than once but I have loads of
your mp3s. That is a lot of strength behind me to get ANY job done
including playing pool. Thanks for all your work you do. Tom

Travis Sheets says:

Just some feedback.. The last 4 5 years I have been on all sorts of
sleeping pills,. Trazadone, Saraquil, Zyprexa, Clozapine, etc etc, I
listend to this last night & fell asleep for the first time without any
psych pills, really crazy I never thought Trance Worked, thank you!

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