2 Hours Sleep Hypnosis for Depression Anxiety Self Confidence Emotional Healing

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https://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/sleep-hypnosis-for-depression/id680072527 This is a very long video to help you feel better while you fall asleep and give …


Jody Whiteley says:
marc rycroft says:

Jesus Christ is the lord, forget this repent.

LateNightComms says:

Jody, do you have a way to get rid of the static in the background :/ its

Queen Abike Idowu says:

oh My God. This was better than a xanax and I suffer from severe ion and
panic attacks! Slept like a baby.

(ihQ)neekeri kärpänen! says:

do you think this would help me?cause in school i have to go to the
bathroom every break to take poop,propaply its just in my mind…but still
its so fucking stressing(and little depressing sometimes):/ i think its
called “ibs” or smthing

Sirenna Bond says:

I use to Listen to Paul McKenna, Now I Listen to Jody! Thank you Jody your
voice has Lulled me to sleep so many times!
Goddess bless you.


what do i do if this doesnt work, and only made me sadder 

Rachael Lamport says:

Been having a hard few days vibrationally, I very much hope this helps…
Either way I’m giving if a go. Xo

ch5080 says:

will this hypnotherapy session help me, i have malaptive dreaming disorder,
extreme depression, low self esteem and suicidal thoughts? i need good help
since i live in Kuwait. and it is impossible to get good help.

demondwells1ns1de says:

do you think this will help me?

ladie phoenix says:

WOWZA! Wake up the power, lol! Hmmm wondering how many have tried this?
It’s actually good stuff I may come back & try it. Who wants to join me?

dylanda young says:

This is awesome I listen to it e every night. I want to purchase some of
your material where can I go or you in stores or online

garrett mccarthy says:

If you don’t want to be depressed or anxious then I have good news because
Jesus Christ died on the cross for your sins and brings great joy and peace
to the heart and soul and he has really blessed me!(: John 3:16 KJV Bible 

Nick Follett says:

Too quiet unfortunately! 

william beck says:

Is there hypnosis to cure addiction to hypnosis?

discoballsac says:


uiloq geisler says:

Hey Jody thank you so much for your videos my depression has been going
much better after I started to listen to you
thank you from denmark

LozandKkvidoes says:

This is great really helps thanks Jodie xxxxxx

Nick Bovey says:


ggoodd32503 says:

I was only better for a quarter of the day :< but it really did help, i felt free for a while :>

Ali Abbas says:

reprogramming our thoughts eh?

Bonny Allen says:

I wasted two hours of sleep with this. I never went to sleep at all until
ahour after the video stopped. 

Anna Wesson Etters says:

The only reason that I couldn’t do this, was the beginning talk, and her
voice. I have no idea why it bothered me so much, but I found it to be

Julia Nagioff says:

Soothing words from jodi-particularly like that it tells you not to worry
about everyone else

55dbau says:

I really like this one.

Joshy George says:

So much +ve feedback. I am gonna give this a try.

Clay Christensen says:

Does this really work? I have anxiety and major depression.

One Day At A Time says:

Great meditation 🙂
I recently made a channel dedicated to Anxiety And Depression, and would
truly appreciate it if you, and anyone else suffering from Anxiety and
Depression could check it out and subscribe. I would love to build a
supportive community like you have here!
Thanks in advance 🙂

Suzan Vaughn says:

In my opinion, the only reason there aren’t 2million plus “likes” is
because Jody is that good. We all are sleeping in no time! This is my
favorite for sleep. The fairy tale is good, too. Thank you, Jody XO

kannibust says:

I feel like I’m listening to a robot that wants me to sleep so it may
murder me

michael soper says:

This video makes me feel like a tone of bricks, then I fall asleep. I’ve
been having issues with anxiety and a good night sleep is so important. I
have only listened to it a few times but I guess falling asleep in the
middle of it is o.k. I think the guidance in breathing and relaxation at
the beginning is key. Thanks, Jody. 

Lui Dodds says:

does her voice not remind anyone else of the woman from Insidious?

van Yama says:

ch5080, the best thing to do is this: listen to music that will make you
feel stronger such as hans zimmer batman. While doing it, go out for a long
long walk and think about how you dont give a shit about anything and doing
the way that makes you happy. Start running, shower and sleep with good
inspirational music!

Problem will be solved soon 😉 i did this, last summer. Just found the way
myself, noone told me to do this :)

Jenna White says:

The first time I listened to this I woke up from a lucid nightmare. I do
not believe this and my nightmares were connected because while still awake
I was consumed with warm, happy and calming sensations that comes from this
audio. In my opinion I feel I should say: Just a little heads up to those
people going through traumatic experiences, becoming too comfortable too
soon could brig upon bad dreams. 

Joshua Deacon says:

This is fucking scary

Cheryl Matheson says:

Thank you!

creatureofgod2003 says:

She should shut up

Tamim Afzali says:

Wow! My experience: I fell asleep listening to this. Everything being said
was coming from a friend of mine in my dream. She was teaching me to
connect with the universe and ask for what I really want and release that
vibration. I could feel releasing that vibration and apparently I was
asking to be with a girl that I really like. It was getting intense because
every time I would try to “release” that vibration, it feel like orgasm and
for some reason it was weird for me and wanted to escape it. Although it
did feel good but the idea of it being new kinda scared me, But thanks to
you for giving me an escape route when you said “You don’t even have to
listen to me anymore.” That was when I realized I am dreaming and listening
to you. Amazing, works. What do you think about my dream Jody?

Nina Wells says:

I suffer from anxiety but Fter listening to this for a couple weeks, I
don’t anymore what a weight lifted. Now I can enjoy university 🙂 Thankyou
so much. Ignore the doubters 

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