1hr Theta Binaural Beat Session (7hz) ~ Pure

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Video: – (7hz) Beat Frequency – – (100hz) Base Frequency – Theta Brain Waves Information ( 4 to 8 Hz) : •4.5 Hz – Brings about Shamanic/Tibetan state of cons…


voodoopanic says:

This crap didn’t do anything except make it sound like there was a
helicopter outside after I turned it off.

MultiFusko says:

Awesome shit for meditating

godwin972 says:

Don’t end up like the guy who said this:

“28’34” in. My brain is starting to hear things I shouldn’t be hearing.
The screen is distorted. What is my purpose in life?”

Sayeedur123 says:

I am having trouble sitting up straight. (ATH-ANC1 with Noise Cancellation

Sephiwolf42 says:

Okay, I have to seriously wonder how true this is because it states people
with ADD (and by association) people with ADHD are thought to have Theta
brain waves and because they are relaxed, creative and random thinking.
That’s BULLSHIT, everyone I know that has ADD/ADHD suffers from shit tons
of anxiety and worry. Trust me on this as I have it myself. Now the
creative part I can believe, but the relaxed part is bullshit.

Sam Dowdall says:

i experiance some pretty intense trips when i close my eyes but as soon as
i open them i instantly snap out of it and feel nothing

John Brady says:

Halfway through it… with head phones… and someone calls me on skype…
talk about heart attack!!

gavlegoat says:

I just saw something move outside my window.

ventus heart says:

something tells me im in that wierd part of youtube again…

Monisha Das says:

Is it true that listening to this will help you to lucid dream? 

beartreeacres says:

I have stress induced brain trauma and find this frequency very calming to
my aggravated limbic system. If you don’t like it, listen to the
frequencies of your choice. Just be careful they don’t come back and bite
you in the brain!

Mary Wilbur says:

Can I listen to music while listening to this?

David Moreno da Costa says:

How can I download these sounds?

Thegamingkid says:

I don’t hear anything

Kyra L. says:

Great for drowning out noise!

mary innes says:

I have a form of traumatic stress induced brain damage. This frequency is
very calming to my otherwise overstimulated limbic system. Most of you
commenting here are probably too stupid to understand what that means.
Never mind, just go listen to the frequencies you like and throwing your
ignorance around. Eventually it may come back and bite you in the brain.

TylerMontana says:

it’s like a brain massage.

bradye21 plays Indie Horror says:

Well, I tried it for 5 minutes. I find it quite unpleasant, not relaxing. I
already feel a headache coming on.

Derick Ragsdale says:

20 years from now I can see kids dancing to this crap at the nightclubs 

ramonypony says:

I don’t like it… =/

Patrick Robetti says:

Try do make sound with your mouth while listening if you are listening with
a headphone

Coblan Johnson says:

Trying to hum the vibration creates a really neat feeling.

Daniel Brown says:

Try humming notes along, especially the deeper ones

EeeKitties says:

Why does this sound different at different volumes?

kiss peter says:

if that’s 7 hz i will eat my asshole , very few speakers can reproduce
sound freq. under 20hz properly not to mention it’s NOT audible under
20-25hz .
Sir hou have my dislike

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