10 Tips for Improving Self Esteem

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http://www.stop-anxiety-panic-attack.com – Start improving self esteem today using any one or all of these 10 Amazing Strategies!


Mitchell Aplikowski says:

There’s no benefit to having high self-esteem.

Justin Strong says:

number 10 is blinding as hell

FinSkater17 says:

I have a really bad self esteem. Im too scared to talk to strangers or
girls because i always think that they think im super weird. Im always
quiet in school and i only have a few friends. And when im with my friends
who have their friends with them that i dont know, i cant say a word. :(

Spirituality1980 says:

This video is GOLD, thank you! 🙂 I just wanted to suggest working out at
the gym as something that boosts self esteem. Exercise is a natural stress
reliever and we also end up looking and feeling better.

Diana Solis says:

Wow this video is amazing!!

sheetal shashi kumar says:

Amazing video… God bless u :)

RegiV3 says:

Very useful!

Lilly Hite says:

I found this video very helpful and encouraging. I love to read because it
gives me a break to just relax and focus on something else besides the
issues in my life, and it also makes me feel productive. The only problem
is, sometimes I have difficulty finding a good book, and this is my biggest
frustration right now. I’d appreciate any suggestions (on this, and just in
general). Thanks!

Surya Sandeep says:

watch this video and start following it.

Kieron Jackson says:

There’s a book on Amazon called The Total Psyche that explains about this
stuff really well, helped me work through my issues by understanding them

jeff tomisk says:

I love you. Thank you so much

NetherExists says:

Sentence completion exercises work pretty well for me. Have been doing them
for about a year now, I cannot recognize myself in the mirror anymore. I am
a changed man. Google Nathaniel Branden for more info.

Jayson S says:

I’m in love with your voice. You should do ASMR videos. I’d love to see
what you look like.

Hemant Kumar says:

i m a loser.

Samantha Cleveland says:

Thank you it was helpful

Bella J says:

Great video! : )

sheila reyes says:

I garden to feel postive. It allows me to meditate and feel a sense of
accomplishment. I get to be one with nature, enjoy the beautiful day and
watch my beautiful wild flowers bloom. 

Nour Cobain says:

this is supposed to make me feel better but I just kept crying throughout
the whole video… :/

Worton Issk says:

This ain’t helpful

Rye Conley says:

I have very low self confidence when it comes to tennis. I have broken
racquets. Punched ppl. And cursed at people. I need help 

MzPhoenix says:

I feel like I’m not doing good enough. I don’t know what to do when I’m an
adult either, and some really stupid mistakes from the past come back into
my mind every once in a while and make me feel like a bad person. I
just…I’m not sure what life is anymore… But my family and friends keep
on telling me I’m doing great at many things. I’m just not sure I agree.

Nhel Manila says:

the 10th tip makes me vision an optical illusion O_O

Johny Boy says:

Very good thats buddy add dont Gossip and fogive and forget

Steven Mak says:

I just turned 20 I have low self esteem i don’t know where it came from but
it happened through out high school. I think it’s because I forgot how to
socialize because I never went to school. I don’t talk much even at my
school. I grew up broke. I feel worthless almost everyday I wake up. I feel
as if everything I do isn’t good enough. I get plenty of confidence but I
can never accept it because nothing I do feels as if it’s good enough.
Maybe I’m a perfectionist, I’m a hard worker, I’m nice to people very
caring, but I just don’t care about my self or something. I don’t even look
people in the eye no more. Can’t even spit game at girls like I used too
either. My mind has a million thoughts running in it I feel like a piece of
shit. I’m not depressed or anything I just feel numb. I feel ugly, almost a
failure. Even though I’m far from being one. Make it stop 

Aaliyah Ortiz says:

I feel better already :3

Hinata Uchiha says:

Thank you

TheMGSpider says:

this video is just amazing i have really bad self Esteem but after watching
this it has made me reflect on my self and realize how i am and what iv
done that is great in my life 

vianeye Horan says:

When I really like my outfit I feel more confident. I guess cause I feel
like I look good and have more confidence to smile or approach people. It
doesnt help a lot but a little is better than nothing.

karen esteban says:

This helped me a lot, thanks for doing these, my favourite one is number 8
which is helping others.. Mans think positive.. I’m an Asian and I don’t
get along with my other classmates in my school bcos they’re bullying me
and not treating me right. So instead of pushing myself with them, I tried
and avoid them cos no point hanging out with them! But it’s a very useful
video for everyone. So thanks :)

MatrixAgentX says:


Sdk ElMaruecan says:

Incredible how I could relate to the 10 points … thanks for these
insights! I know what my passion is, I know my personal talents but in all
objectivity, I can’t make money out of it, and I have responsibilites (wife
and daughter, a life to build etc) the result is I’m stuck up to awful
office job, to traffic jam and being surrounded by people who only think
‘career’. knowing where the salvation is, is one thing, but getting through
it is more difficult

Jeff Hebb says:

How do you view yourself?

Megan Phalen says:

Thank you for these tips they where varry helpful and helped me improve my
self esteem

manthan v says:

heyy nyc list! bt i guess u need to add 1 more thing that is to visualize
urself going through a situation perfectly fine in which u usually panic
for example sme people may panic talking to a gal or during job interview
its always better to close ur eyes nd imagine da whole interview or
conversation going well it really gives u confidence when u actually face a
situation lyk dat…workd well fr me :):) 

nikki scott says:

Easier said than done but thankyou x

Nicole Medina says:

Meditate and reflect, a good way to know yourself and how you adapt to the
environment. What are your capabilities, talents and skills. It will help
you to clear out your thoughts and have a positive outcome in life.

Kenya VDL says:

Thank you……

virinia ojesto says:

great tips !

ashton ragbir says:


Whadupp1537 says:

I actually dont have any talents or skills im just boring and i always mess
things up and i can’t stop thinking this way when you said to list out your
good qualities and stuff i cant do that because i have no good qualities i
just want to stop thinking so poorly of myself but i can’t

Raddy Nana says:

omg thank the producer… this video make me feel much better about myself
and i dont feel that hopeless anymore (like i used to). thank u thank u.

Nick Harrie says:

i really have a pooor self esteem am too scared to talk to new people or
make friends because i have alot of scars and so i think they will turn me
down…please help me!!!!

A nice calm sound track says:

i think u used to smoke or u still r a smoke i dont know ,, i think

Imma Smiler says:

Who else here is introverted?

Fab. De La Vega says:

You must be a very good person to be able to talk this way. I wish I had
people like you in my life.

biniyam ayalew says:

like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Asma Chembeh says:

love it

Model_College_life18 says:

I need to find supportive pple most definitely

Nick Arrizza says:

Resilient Self Esteem is not something that must be created rather it was
supposed to be our natural birthright. It was taken away from us
systematically by all the negative experiences in life that remain stored
within the mind/body as negative memories.

All those memories can now be permanently and completely erased with a new
coaching modality called the Mind Resonance Process (MRP). As this is done
true authentic Self Esteem is restored to its optimum state forever without
any need for further or ongoing work.

Nick Arrizza
The Mind Resonance Process (MRP)

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