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Hello ladies and gentleman 🙂 So my computer broke down and I cannot do any editing on my videos (I appologies for alot of unedited background noise in this …


BeLikeWater1000 says:

Your awesome 🙂 . U see like a genually nice person, so rare these days

NWarri0r says:

You’re ok now aren’t you Maria? Whenever you’re in doubt think about the
275,000 subscribers you have, each one of us is grateful to you, loves you
and look up to you. P.s. In the description you mean to say (I apologise…
Instead of (I apologies… Anyway thanks for your amazing videos!

Guilherme Medeiros says:

Beautiful, just beautiful!
Thank you, Maria! :)

stephers_says says:

I hope your present and your future treat you well. You are an amazing
person! We love you! You deserve to be happy!

Otter Pop says:

EFT helped one of my little daughters when she was struggling really hard
with raging last year…I’m a big fan. >^.^< 

Ander Smith says:

The pseudomedicine theme of this video makes my ASMR short-circuit. 

Mali1601 says:

Thank you so much for sharing this! 

Maria Khordina says:

thank you i cried :’)

Ginger Pennington says:

You are an angel, Maria!

Chloe Yume says:

Thus was brilliant Maria! Thank you so much! This helped a lot, as always.

Claudine Christensen says:

Thank you Maria..

Shaun Airey says:

This is brilliant Maria. Thank you so much <3 

stilljazzed says:

Thank you for sharing, Maria! Touched and inspired by the message and
especially your positive example with the power to truly cause change. 

Colton Dixon says:

Love this video!! You make sure good videos!! 

Erika Isabella says:

this video saved my life .. 

rachel ridley miller says:

Thank you:-) xx

Pamela Draper says:

this video is so, so wonderful! Thank you, Maria 🙂 Would you consider
doing another EFT video with your more advanced sound equipment? that would
be so amazing! Many thanks for all your great ASMR videos!

Sarah Spicer says:

Wow Maria I am currently going through depression and social anxiety. I’m
really having a hard time and sometimes I feel so alone. This video helped
me so much. Your positivity and attitude will bring great things for you. I
wish I knew someone like you in everyday life because we all could count
our blessings despite the negatives in life! Way to go! You remind me a lot
of myself and it feels good to know of someone who has been in a similar

Indira Redman says:

Withoutyou, Maria, my rage and sadness and self-loathing would have allowed
me to explode and possibly injure e and everyone around me, and without
you, I would be a huge mess. Your asmr videos and your soft voice and your
kindness relaxes me to a point where it makes a difference in my life and
it affects my interactions with any and everyone. It makes it more positive
and makes me kinder and more gentle with myself which makes me enjoy
everyone else. Thanks to you, I’ve turned my life around. 

Mandy Whispers says:

This was the first ASMR video I ever saw. It started me on such a wonderful
journey and I am so happy to share my own ASMR with the world now. Thank
you so much Maria xox 

laxpors says:

Why does it seem like every asmr’ern has had a sad or depressing youth?!

excape says:

Thank you Maria, you don’t even know how much these videos chill me out and
help my anxiety

James Bradshaw says:

what a beautiful and wonderful woman

LyingSecret says:

It’s probably not much of a comfort now, and you probably wont agree for
obvious reasons, but I would have loved chubby Maria 😀 I have a real love
for bigger girls, but if you weren’t happy like that then obviously it was
good for you to be able to change and we are all happy for you and how you
are now 🙂

Much love Maria :D

roxslide says:

This video really touched me, I teared up a lot. After watching these
videos I just think you have a beautiful soul, the world is a better place
with you around. I can’t really even convey how much I admire your kindness
and strength. Just your presence in videos really calms me, please know you
have helped me a lot, Not just with sleeping but also with my anxiety
issues, I feel like I’ve learned a lot from you. Sorry for getting so
sappy… but thank you so much.

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