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The Secret after The Secret. The first movie The Secret is just a beginning of a long journey of mastering all The Universal Laws in your life. Get ready to change your world and live your…


Kim Bleeker says:
gonzalo miranda says:

Hey guys !!! stop talking about wealth and making money and how to be rich
!!!! We all want to make money but don’t use something so pure and
spiritual to focus only in becoming rich ! 

jim Fish says:

Religions Greatest Hits called the Secret. Study the Bible, all there from
scriptures, the truth not some new aged repackage bookselling noise. Seek
and ye shall find…just be sure you vet what you find. No secret, just a
digest. peace.

violetncurls says:

everything happens for a purpose…. and I was led here….. amazing! Thank

Chris Merrick says:

This is a great documentary. But I think it would have been better if they
didn’t make those cheesy scenes at the start, and the weird music and sound
effects I think it would turn some people away.

Desmond McCormack says:

2ŕc r ŕř

Evangelina Rodriguez says:

Thank you so much for opening my eyes and my understanding to how I am able
to change my world by changing my subconcious program and give the best of
all the beauty in me to the world!!!

Angelika Werkner says:

der Film macht dort weiter wo the secret aufhört

Goldenchild795 says:

When I was a child I was close to my forth cousin, we were good pals we
hung out a lot together but when we got older we just completely lost
touch.. More than 20 years went by and we had not seen each other and I
just completely forgot all about him I had no idea what he was doing or
where he was.. .But one day I just found myself thinking about him and I
began to think about the good times we had together and I was wondering
what he was doing with his life now.. So a few days later I`m walking out
of the supermarket and I hear somebody calling my name from a parked car
and at first I did`nt even recognize him and then he said to me you don`t
remember me it`s your cousin Anthony, and I was so freaked out because I
was just thinking about him two days ago.. LOL, I guess the laws of
attraction is even better than face book for finding people you`ve lost
touch with…. I mean that had to be more than just a coincidence

Christopher Hobson says:

Is there a version of this w/o captions?

razgarnett says:

thank you

Jún Júnior says:

This is cheezy. Ill spare evryone time. All they are talking about are
abstract theories and nothing really specific besides hope u can do it and
set your goal in motion everyday.

Eládio Oliveira says:

I can feel the chi energy coming out of my body starting from my head,
shoulders, arms and legs.

Jason Ha says:
Inner Beauty says:

The Secret after The Secret. Interesting.

Magdalena Luchter says:

Can not read what dr. Emoto is saying. It is covered by the other

Carlos Moreno says:

Thank you for this video.

Bab Dad says:


Liz Lewis says:

I am so overly grateful that I get to work with Bob Proctor!

EikelandManagementConsultingAS says:

Positive thinking will change your life.

SaE Truth says:

You must see this video !

Book Review says:

beautiful souls Thank you 

rascalferret says:

So this is about money,and income?…as sad as usual. That’s what I’m
supposed to do, is be motivated to acquire wealth,and material success?
That’s my universal law? Universal law demands balance, and equality,love
and spiritual understanding…something that you can never quantify in
dollars.This world is filled with strife and despair,prejudice,poverty and
violence…because of money. But just get rich and at least you and your
personal chosen ones will be okay. Bullshit…use this “secret” to enrich
others and create a pure spirit that has no use for crime,hierarchy and
dogma. No room for theft, deciet,or war. Impossible to transgress. Use love
and compassion for all things as your wealth…only then will you know the
secret of the universe. Only then will you create something worth living
for. You would never use a monetary ranking system…because all life is
equal in importance. You would know in an instant that you are not needed
here,because you have the power to destroy all things at will,and you do in
routine…You have been lead astray.

Tom Christ says:

All of these principles are lifted from the Kybalion word for word. Strange
there is no mention whatsoever of the source material. Perhaps so they can
sell their updated version? Maybe I missed it? They gave props to so many
people in the credits but they couldn’t have added the Three Initiates to
the list? It doesn’t really matter I guess. I would suggest finding a hard
copy of the original version either way.
This film was delivered in a way that people can grasp to help fill in what
was majorly lacking in the original Secret movie so that is definitely a
good thing. I feel inspired for sure.

Edu Cabual says:

thank you so much.

bholoa malinee devi says:

thank u so much, i have the intuition that il will help me so much

Cocktail Matches says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

Rath Wije says:

Thanks a lot.This the missing Link.

William Hadgikosti says:

I wish to thank you for creating this YouTube tape. I enjoyed it so much.
It gave me the tools to have happiness and love with confidence at present
moment of life. It will give me the inspiration to help others and myself
with more love. I also learned from the tape that will have a future with
great hope to live a more purposeful life.

ronel valderrama lopez says:

donde puedo encontrar es español gracias

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