Duracell: Trust Your Power – NFL’s Derrick Coleman, Seattle Seahawks

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When the world tells you “no”, you have two options: You can roll over and quit — or you can trust your power. Derrick Coleman, running back for the Seattle Seahawks, trusted the power within.

Although he’s deaf, he never let adversity stand in his way, on his road to the NFL.


epicphillwood says:

I don’t like the Seahawks because I’m a 49er fan I don’t care about a sorry
quarterback Wilson or lynch honestly should have played better on bills and
I feel bad for them to and Percy harvin and Vikings you ever think about
that so just because he does one thing ok I’m true to my team Coleman is
sad story he’s got guts you do not so shut up and don’t talk to me like I’m
a bad person so I can like one person on a team so talk me down 

pio dal cin says:
Calin Biris says:

don’t listen what other people say

ETtheMime says:

Derrick = Inspiration!
I am a professional silent comedy performer. I perform around the world and
periodically on TV. 10 years ago I got diagnosed with a muscle/nerve
disorder which has paralyzed parts of my body. I had to stop performing and
lost every cent I had. I fought my way back, nearly dying several times and
now despite being mostly paralyzed, when I perform most people cannot even
tell that I have a disability. Derrick, your example has touched and
inspired me. Continue to shine!

Kevin Turner says:

I dislike the Seahawks, but even I love this commercial!

astronautis1674 says:

I usually don’t like commercials taking advantage of feelings like that,
but this is damn inspiring.

Cassondra Liles says:

Having a son with a hearing impairment I love, love, love #Duracell ‘s
commercial featuring deaf #Seahawk ‘s fullback @Derrick_Coleman. Thanks
for celebrating his strengths!!

gamer6654 says:


1337Pwn4g3 says:

Best commercial ever made!!

Cejxy says:

This motivates me to play football i watch this everyday to see how derrick
reached his goals real inspiring bro great commercial!

Abi Sanchez says:


CJ2i3 says:

The champs have arrived

GEE JJ says:

damn i played this guy in high school.. great guy w/ great sportsmanship.
Kicked our asses but didn’t know he had this problem. Kudos to you keep on
your grind.

Kateryna Aheyeva says:

‘They told me it could not be done…they gave up on me…they told me it
was over…but I have been deaf since I was three so I didn’t listen…’
Very powerful story told by a very inspiration NFL player Derrick Coleman.
He proves it to all that the only thing that holds us back from achieving
our goals is our fears. Great ad by Duracell. 

Nhi Nguyen says:

I live in Seattle and I love lve love love the Seattle Seahawks and i love
every single player and this is the most inspiriring commercial ever!

turbonut20v says:

congrats Coleman, because now you are a Superbowl champion, go get your
ring boss.

TheEpicKyle61 says:

If this isnt the most inspiring thing you’ve seen, you have a problem…
and you need to start fixing it today. 

Dwain C says:

This is a deep video. To me, the best yet on YouTube! “been deaf since i
was three, so i didn’t listen”…..that’s a powerful quote. Shiiid, can’t
NOBODY stop you!

ford1go says:

The song is called Commitment from Adam Taylor.

CheckinUpOnCharlie says:

when he said the line “but i’ve been deaf since i was 3 so i didn’t listen”
genuinley gave me one of those all over body chill things, you know when
you actually feel something

George Bowser says:


DanielaXoXo says:

I’m deaf 

bigfinewomanful says:

520 dislikes? What in the hell is wrong with people…..smh

thefinaldispatch says:

How can anyone thumbs down this?! You IDIOTS

Nick Hay says:

As soon as he says “so I didn’t listen” instant chills

MIMIC8801 says:

just saw this commercial. LOVED it!

Batteries Plus Bulbs says:

Derrick Colemen – Trust Your Power:

the Kell says:

damn good commercial. props, duracell

22deeboi says:

Truly Inspirational

Brian Nelson says:

deserves every view it gets

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