Creating Positive Thoughts

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Positive Thinking You are what you think! This simple but accurate statement indicates that what we say, what we do, and what we feel all have their origin i…


Positive Aura says:

Nora Davies says:

Studying and reading takes a toll on me and I need to take a break. I find
this very helpful and I thought I’d like to share it with you all!

Rhikelah Chigano says:

I have trouble thinking positive.

Hamzeh Alqudah says:

fb com/positivethinkingforall

FinancialWisdomSem says:

Great video. In my seminars, I teach Ki exercises and meditation.
Relaxation helps you get into a place where you can change your perceptions
of yourself and the world. Once you do that you can change your life. Be

Shannon Napper says:

Come check out the fb group “Real Hip Hop Lives” to promote, share, and
interact. If your an aspiring Hip Hop artist or producer this is a place to
share your music and events. Looking for people who want to be an asset to
the community and adds to the content. One way to have positive thoughts is
to put them there. We don’t need any more of this radio garbage that they
keep promoting!

David Dimalanta says:

Me too. It was challenging.

abishekbasuable says:

This video has helped me soo much ….to calm my overcome my
anxiety…hope to get this and lead a processed and purposeful lyf

KcClips29 says:

Love it

IntoTheLight7777 says:


crystal lundy says:

lol omg i feel like im floting on a cloud

Clarissa Miclat says:

I listen everyday

Netsanet Dadi says:

This is Awesome

jjjaakkee123 says:

I have the cd

Malini krishnan says:

So relaxing and peaceful! Who’s is the commentator? Om Shanti!

murkishbub says:

thank you xx so beautiful and helpful xx

Heavenly Angel says:


Geeth Muhudugama says:

It would be a shame for you not to build muscle when other people are able
to burn calories easily with Blistering Fat Loss (go google it).

DonSelwashington says:

I love this

morbidbushido says:

This is wonderful, i used to be a really bad pessimist..but i decided to
start thinkning positively and try being at peace and in a positive state
all the time. And im seeing progress already, it is not easy but im getting
there. I know some will read this and go “Yeah right” i was you once upon a
time…but now i am so happy being the new me, I HAVE FINALLY STARTED

mjane4life says:

Im so depressed

Jenn s says:

amazing video. It has everything I was looking for. i used it everyday 🙂

Cristian Real says:


ashley rivas says:

Love this

kheman singh says:

thanks you very much

KatCoole says:

Wonderful! Imagine if each of us thought on that level for just an hour a
day, the ripple that would cause 🙂

Madison Clay says:

Why did I find this scary?

Chanel Samson says:

this is the best way to live

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